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Managing your Brand Proposition with Diversity and Inclusion

Updated: May 16, 2023

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Inclusive Branding is Important to your Business

An inclusive brand image delivers many benefits for your business. It helps to communicate brand elements around beliefs, through messaging, visual and other communication strategies. It helps to showcase your corporate and business identity, by highlighting diversity and inclusion.

Brand positioning is important to every business, but how many REALLY consider the diversity and inclusiveness of their brand? Developing a diverse and inclusive brand proposition is one of the most important facets of business branding.

Inclusion helps to showcase your brand, and therefore your products and services to potential consumers. It helps to attract a wider audience from across different communities.

When engaging in marketing activities, how do you include diversity and inclusion? Is it an integral part of your marketing strategy? If not, your business is missing out on engagement with communities that potentially hold the key to better marketability.

By promoting your brand in an inclusive way, your business will benefit from a more varied audience which increases your brand visibility.

Every business that wants to grow and capitalize on changes in customer and market conditions, must consider building diversity and inclusion into the heart of marketing strategy.

Increasing Visibility with Diversity and Inclusion

Increasing visibility across local, regional and even global locations, supports growth and increased market share. This can be achieved by ensuring that your brand proposition is researched and targeted in the right ways.

This will include not only showcasing the makeup of your staff teams, and any diversity and inclusion initiatives, but also the makeup of your target audience.

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Enhancing Brand Visibility with Inclusion is Important

How do you produce content that supports diversity and inclusion? For starters, it’s more than just imagery!

Pictures on your website and promotional material are fine... but they are just the start!

A cautionary note here is that by trying to promote diversity and inclusion through your brand proposition when it doesn't actually exist, has the potential to backfire on you!

Diversity and inclusion is an important brand element. It's not just a marketing tool! Developing rhetoric around inclusion when your brand does not actively embed diverse and inclusive practice to support employees and customers, will inevitably cost your brand in many ways.

For example, your ability to enhance, and vary your staff teams will be stagnant and your customer base will not significantly attract people from varied communities in order to promote your brand within those communities. All this leads to a potential business loss and stagnation of your business.

For more information about embedding diversity and inclusion into your business, visit the Kenroi Consulting, diversity consultancy homepage.

Relevant Content Is Part of a Brand Proposition for Diversity and Inclusion

Developing inclusive and engaging marketing content, that resonates with a diverse audience, helps to align them to your brand. Now, you may think that all your potential customers are the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Inclusive brand propositions affect the way that customers and clients connect with your brand. When it comes to inclusion, it is important to understand that no two consumers are alike.

Customer needs, including their cultural and social needs, vary significantly. They all have different desires and aspirations and that is where inclusion comes in.

By developing an understanding of what your potential customers want, and aligning your brand to their needs, your business is better placed to increase its audience.

man in white shirt and grey tie with left hand on hip shouting into a megaphone
Inclusion is Important for Effective Brand Proposition

Communicating diversity and inclusion will enhance trust and loyalty and develop the identity of your brand.

It will also ensure that everyone connected with your brand appreciates the value of inclusive messaging.

Diversity and inclusion is important to the content marketing space, and this is true both internally, and externally, to your company. How are your competitors positioning themselves to attract best in class talent and increase their external, consumer audience, and profile? Your brand proposition is important to your talent attraction and engagement activities!

We live in an increasingly diverse world, where consumers are all-powerful. They are attracted to brands that are inclusive and showcase diversity. Your brand proposition must be able to attract and keep employees and consumers who feel that they are included.

Communication is all-important for inclusive brand positioning. What do your employees say about your company? Is it diverse and inclusive and do they have a sense of belonging in your workplace? How do you attract customers to your brand? Are your customers overwhelmingly from a particular background or cultural group?

Positioning your brand with diversity and inclusion is a useful way of building relationships between your business and its potential employees and customers.

It involves communicating with messages that resonate with a wide range of people and communities, for the purposes of marketing products and services.

By actively engaging with, and empowering your audience, you build an active, rather than a passive relationship with them. This is super important to communicate your brand message around inclusion.

Brand Proposition and Your Business

Inclusive brand positioning supports increased engagement with your business offering. Have you considered a blog that speaks to the diversity and inclusion in your company? This is extremely valuable when it comes to attracting talent from across a range of backgrounds.

For example, think about a professionally made video with your Managing Director or Chairperson speaking about diversity and inclusion within your company. Imagine a professionally written speech, or an internal communication message, that helps to develop diversity and inclusion!

Inclusion is a business and marketing essential, just as much as it is a workplace necessity. Contact us for inclusive content, video, and podcasting support. Your brand proposition is important to the future of your business.

Remember that what your brand says about you is important. Making your brand proposition inclusive, will grow and vary your audience, attract talent and customers, and add supplementary value.

Kenroi Consulting supports brands with inclusive content services. We craft expertly written content for blogs, speeches, and intranet pages. We help brands to implement an inclusive marketing strategy that supports effective, inclusive branding.

Our expert diversity and inclusion consultants, help you to create a vision for diversity and inclusion messaging that will help you to better connect with a wider audience. We also offer video recording and podcasting services, that help you to develop inclusive communication.

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