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Retail Sector Diversity Services and Solutions

The retail sector in the UK has made some progress over recent years in increasing board membership within FTSE 100 companies for women. 


Whilst this is important, much more has to be done for other diversity strands across the retail industry.

The retail sector must engage with diverse practices and inclusive behaviours to ensure that diversity and inclusion is at the core of its operations and is a key part of forward planning initiatives across the business.

Kenroi Consulting can help you to grow diversity within your business by helping you embed a strategic diversity plan across your business. 


We can help you to better engage with communities and design a recruitment strategy that focuses on attracting a wide range of qualified candidates from a diverse talent pool.

How we support you:

  • Recruitment strategies

  • Policies and procedures

  • Leadership and Board training

  • Staff training and seminars

  • Equality compliance

  • Supplier diversity

  • Selection and retention

  • Pay gaps

  • Diversity Auditing

  • Diversity Initiatives

  • Corporate and Social Responsibility

  • Diversity Reviews

"We support you with compliance, training and planning to help you build a focused strategy for developing equality, diversity and inclusion"   

Add strategic diversity to your planning processes with our retail sector services.

We take the time to understand your corporate needs and learn about your requirements before we make recommendations on the best options to suit your business. 


From staff to services... whatever your requirements, we'll help you get it right!


View our training options and consulting services below or make an enquiry about our retail sector diversity solutions. 

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