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Inclusive Content Creation is a Boost for Business.

Updated: May 16, 2023

Inclusive Content Creation bolsters Business Brand

Inclusive content creation supports your efforts to become more appealing to diverse individuals and groups. This is important for not only attracting a wide range of people to your goods and service offerings, but also to present a welcoming face to new recruits.

All forms of copy, is based around effective and inclusive messaging. By developing high quality content around diversity and inclusion, you not only educate your audience but arouse their interest in your brand.

Whether your intention is to encourage diversity and inclusion with blog posts, website content or other forms of editorial content, good, inclusive based content is key.

Inclusive Content Writing

Content must be of high quality. If you seek to engage your employees, customers and external stakeholders, then you must ensure that your content is strong enough to do just that!

Inclusive Content connects with your Audience

The aim is to encourage and interact in such a way that diversity and inclusion becomes part of the thought process of your business.

Not only that, but you want to ensure that others know about it!

This is key when trying to conduct new business or attract talent. Most people will take a close look at your business website to see if your’re the type of business they want to build a business relationship with or work for.

A paragraph stating that you value inclusion, simply doesn’t cut it anymore! Times have moved on, and the best companies place diversity and inclusion at the heart of business.

Shouldn’t you?

Benefits of Inclusive Content Creation and Marketing

Inclusive content creation and marketing attracts a wider range of people to your brand. Quite simply, for a business to grow effectively, it must engage increasingly wider communities to its brand, both employees and customers. Some things to consider might be:

Where does your target audience hang out online?

Are you using the appropriate language to attract these communities?

A diverse and inclusive content marketing strategy enables you to create and share informative and inclusive material online involves (such as podcasts, social media posts, videos, articles and blogs).

a white wall with a sign in a wooden frame reading we like you too
It's important to Continually Develop Inclusive Content

These stimulate interest in your products and services, and in turn attract people to your brand.

In the modern era, social media is an integral part of content marketing and making it inclusive can be a major boon for your business!

Diversity and inclusion is key to developing an effective and inclusive marketing strategy. Business cultures are constantly changing and the need for diverse and inclusive businesses has never been greater.

Failure to connect with, market to and engage with diverse communities and individuals, will eventually lead to loss of market share and lead to a reduction in brand attraction.

Article Writing and Blogs

Article and blog posts are an effective way of helping your website ( and thus business) to gain traction within the crowded space of search engines. They also promote your business within diverse groups and spaces.

In order to showcase your business inclusively, you must firstly have two things:

1. A diverse range of talent

2. Something to shout about!

Let’s take these 2 in turn.

Firstly, there is absolutely no value in claiming inclusivity, if your business is not! Your audience will see this for what it is and turn away. There are a wide range of services to bolster and embed diversity and inclusion across your business.

Secondly, activities that your business is involved in, that support diversity and inclusion, are things that your business can truthfully showcase as you build a more diverse and inclusive business.

Your content must be expertly created and original. Once your content is on the internet, its out there. Due to the algorithms behind search engines, your content can come up in the search within seconds of being published. This is why it is important to get it right first time.

Make sure Content is Expertly Created and ORIGINAL

Where possible, ensure that you use the services of experts who know what they are doing and have knowledge of diversity and inclusion.

They will be able to understand your Corporate messaging needs and craft compelling content.

The importance of regularly promoting your brand to a wide range of customers and potential talent cannot be understated. This, in the end, is what will make your brand stand out above the competition.

Blogging and articles, written with diversity and inclusion in mind, will always attract a wider audience, than those written with a narrow outlook.

Think about it.... that's what just the big, successful brands do. They curate diverse content, and blog about the inclusive nature of their business.

This helps to ensure that they attract best in class talent and showcase their goods and services with global reach.

Video and Podcast Interviews

Having a diverse range of content on your website or intranet, helps to engage both internal and external stakeholders.

Think about a message from the Managing Director, a podcast interview related to diversity and inclusion or a video speaking about, or showing inclusion initiatives taking place within your business.

team of videographers recording a live diversity and inclusion interview
Videos and Podcasts really Showcase Inclusion

It all helps to craft your inclusive image and connect you with a wider range of opportunities.

Furthermore, having a professional video or podcast created, helps you to convey your message, in a more personal way.

This is important for developing relationships, that are built on inclusion from the outset. It helps you better connect with individuals and groups and helps to foster well managed, inclusive relationships.

In addition to this, and perhaps more importantly, it helps to show authenticity and supports a business image that values diversity and inclusion.

Interestingly, Generation Z is entering the workforce. They are all about diversity, inclusion and technology. Videos, podcasts and social media is the best way to connect with, and attract this generation to your company... and to your brand.

Speech Writing

Getting your business massage cross is crucial to the survival of your business. In a business environment that is becoming increasingly diverse, both in terms of the marketplace and the diverse backgrounds of customers and clients, your message needs to be on point.

Our content writing services support you by writing effective speeches for your leaders. It enables speakers to effectively capture a real essence of inclusion,

It supports modern day thinking, helping to align your brand positively.

a senior businessman making a speech on diversity and inclusion
Making Speeches inclusive Highlights Diversity

Moreover, our speech writing service helps you to capture and harness inclusivity within your brand.

By supporting an enhanced brand positioning you are effectively attracting diverse customers and talent to your business.

Leadership within your business has a key part to play in fostering both internally, and externally focused, diversity and inclusion. They can provide a compelling voice around the key attributes of D&I within your business.

By developing focused and original content around inclusion, across your business, you will seamlessly create and develop understanding around why inclusion is important to your brand... and its people.

Diversity and Inclusion Takes Time

It's a fact. Diversity and inclusion takes time and will not happen overnight. However, that is no excuse for thinking that publishing a few blog posts on your company website, will suddenly engage your readership, or make your business appear to be a shining example of inclusion. Far from it!

Perfunctory measures like filling your website or advertising material with a wide array of diverse faces, rarely work as they do not connect with diverse audiences. Speeches, articles and other written content, must be backed up with authentic actions to really engage with, and promote authentic diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Kenroi Consulting supports you with high quality content to start, and keep the ball rolling. We support clients with high quality content writing to build traction around diversity and inclusion.

We are experts in diversity and inclusion, having written articles, reports and papers across a wide range of industries.

Kenroi Consulting supports clients with a wide range of content writing services to help bring your brand to life with diversity and inclusion. We support business with a range of services that help to embed diversity and inclusion into your business.

Our consultants help you to create content through social media, expert content writing, podcasting, video creation and interviewing.

Call us to learn more about how we can help you bring diversity and inclusion into the heart of your business, with our inclusive marketing and content writing services.

Watch our video below for more information on our inclusive content services.

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