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Our Most Common FAQS

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Although our services are tailored to each organisation’s needs, there are some questions that often come up again and again. Read on and find out if we’ve solved your queries here.


If there is anything you’re still wondering about or unsure of, please don’t hesitate to call or send us a message and we will get back to you shortly.

How do I know Kenroi Consulting® is the right consultancy agency for me?

Kenroi Consulting works with a wide range of companies , both large and small.  We will not engage in any project before we have established your particular needs and agreed with you the deliverables of the project. 

We do not provide 'off the shelf' consultancy, as we prefer to design and deliver solutions based on our clients specific business needs.  That way, your company will receive a service which is properly tailored to your specific needs.

We will work with you and your team at your premises.  We are also able to work remotely, if it is appropriate for your particular project.

Contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

How can Diversity Consultancy Help us Stay Relevant?

There are many areas that affect a company within a changing marketplace.  There are many economic and political factors which affect businesses.  Diversity consultancy can help you, if your business is struggling in a tight marketplace.

We focus on making your business stay relevant in an increasingly globalised economy by helping you differentiate yourself from other companies by growing your customer base through diversity.

This can be initiating a recruitment drive to increase your staff base, marketing to diverse groups to increase your client / customer base or perhaps delivering a seminar to your top team on how the business case for diversity will help drive sales in previously neglected areas.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

I run a small business. How can my business benefit?

Kenroi Consulting Ltd will work with all sizes of businesses in the area of Diversity.  From large corporate businesses to small businesses and start ups, we are able to provide a familiar service to help solve your diversity problems.

We can help a small business analyse ways that they can expand or modify their product lines to diverse communities as they expand locally.

We can help you look at ways in promoting your products and services to customers who may not be in your locality but have a need for your product or service.

Contact us today and we will get back to you to talk about all the possibilities that will help a small business like yours.

Got more questions? We’ve got all the answers.

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