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Corporate Governance of Diversity

Corporate governance of diversity is a process of directing the management of  diversity, within an organisation.  It aims to monitor an support the development of more open procedures that support diversity and inclusive practice.  It involves maintaining legal compliance and confirming organisational integrity with regards to diversity and inclusion. 

Diversity and inclusion helps to increase public trust and transparency.


We support you by helping to implement diversity and gender into corporate governance strategies, through our diversity consulting solutions, as defined by The Financial Reporting Council  UK Corporate Governance Code 2018.

Corporate Governance for diversity and inclusion is essential to successful outcomes.


Good governance is the backbone of any successful corporate plan for diversity and inclusion strategy.

Good governance of diversity, is important to business. 


It provides the operational infrastructure necessary to improve the quality of decision making around diversity at the executive levels of the organisation.

The process of corporate governance is intrinsic to the effective management of diversity.  It essentially dictates organisational ability to identify and define accountability for diversity and inclusion. 


It streamlines the processes for diversity, identifying named leaders for the appropriate decision-making functions to embed diversity and inclusion.

Managing Diversity through Corporate Governance

Corporate governance, essentially dictates organisational policy and strategy. It informs every aspect of the organisation, from policy to practice.  It dictates the ethical practices of the business and is where business transparency is most visible.

When developed effectively, corporate governance of diversity supports diversity and inclusion across the business. 


It can also prevent corporate criminal liability and unwanted media attention, due to non compliance with legislative instruments and / or ineffective procedures.

The effective governance of diversity and inclusion also enhances company image, making it more attractive to a wider range of customers, clients and potential recruits.

Corporate governance of diversity allows an organisation to add value to processes of management, recruitment and corporate and social responsibility.


It creates sustainability, through the effective oversight and management of the D&I agenda.

Effective corporate governance of diversity adds value to your value proposition, helping to keep your business both engaged and competitive.


Carmen Morris - Managing Director

By ensuring the effective governance of the diversity agenda, the organisation will see increased efforts to support improved racial and gender diversity. 


It can support policies and activities to embed inclusive processes for people with disabilities and embed inclusion into staff retention and development schemes.

Developing Good Corporate Practice

Kenroi Consulting supports organisations to embed diversity into corporate governance strategies.  Our diversity and inclusion consultants help Board level and C-Suite executives to understand the legal requirements, and methods of embedding diversity into corporate governance strategy.

We assist you to promote good relations with employees and other stakeholders.  We support you with the tools to measure changing stakeholder priorities around inclusion.


This enables your business provide a best in class internal and external service that excels in the area of  diversity and inclusion.

Our diversity consulting practice supports you with a range of end to end services that support you to develop diversity within your business priorities, adding value to across your business propositions. 

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