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Logistics and Supply Chain Diversity Solutions

Diversity is increasingly being used as a measure of success across the logistics and manufacturing and engineering industry. 


Whilst it has long been seen as part of Corporate and Social Responsibility initiatives by top tier companies, it has evolved to become a crucial part of the tender and bidding process for obtaining work.

Benefits of having a diverse supplier base:

  • Having a diverse supplier base can send out a strong message about your company brand and make it easier for your business to attract diverse customers.

  • Engaging smaller companies can facilitate employment within communities, which leads to economic growth and brand exposure of your company.

  • Working with diverse suppliers, facilitates free enterprise which is increasingly being used as a measure of a successful business, and promotes a business within local communities.

How we support your business:

  • Designing a suite of policies around the equality agenda

  • Provide training in a wide range of diversity areas to ensure compliance

  • Design a Supplier Diversity strategy

  • Support with strategy implementation

  • Provide training for leadership and staff

  • Assist with marketing to diverse groups

  • Provide support to your suppliers and sub contractors 

" Embedding diversity in the supply chain is a pre-requisite for successful tendering "

Carmen Morris - Director

Building diversity into the supply chain increases economic success and promotes corporate responsibility.

Supplier Diversity has become a key consideration of supply chain management and for a business to remain relevant within an increasingly globalized and technologically advanced marketplace. 


In order to prepare for the future of contracting within this marketplace, businesses must implement diversity.

'We partner with you to make your business better with diversity.  We support you to build success'

Tender processes, particularly for government funded projects, increasingly include diversity requirements, very often at pre-qualification stage, as standard.

View our training options, learn about our consulting service or get in touch to learn more about our Logistics and supply chain diversity solutions.

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