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a diversity network team in a group session

Diversity Networks

What are diversity networks?

A diversity network is a useful structure for developing understanding and sharing knowledge and skills around difference, and how it impacts people within your organisation. They are known as affinity networks or groups.


They support organisational development around diversity and can assist senior management by providing useful guidance on inclusion issues.


Networks supplement other activities to embed diversity and inclusion across your business functions.  They are useful to help you learn about particular issues, as they impact on diverse staff teams. 


Networks, or affinity groups, are an effective way of learning about diversity and developing inclusive processes and can actively support efforts to enhance cultural competency within the business.

When set up effectively, they are a useful forum for sharing ideas and discussing the challenges that affect workforce inclusion.

Watch our video below to understand some of the important benefits of diversity networks.

VIDEO: The Business Benefits of Staff Diversity Networks

These networks structures are important to both individual, workforce and business success. 


Sometimes called Employee Diversity Groups, diversity networks are an important resource for organisations seeking to increase diversity and inclusion.


They support management to learn about issues of diversity and inclusion, as they effect the workplace and business environment.

Diversity networking is all about increasing diversity knowledge and developing practice. 

We can help you set up your networks to achieve a  wide range of benefits which will enable you to embed understanding and good practice across your groups.


If you are interested in setting up a diversity network for your organisation, get in touch with us.

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