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Our Diversity Services

Kenroi Consulting® Ltd is a boutique inclusion consultancy offering bespoke diversity and inclusion business solutions. 


We offer a wide range of bespoke diversity management solutions, to assist your business to embed diversity and develop inclusive processes.

Tailor Made Services to Enhance Inclusion Results 

Our services are tailor made that are knowledge based and support better operational practice.  We apply our expert knowledge in the area of Diversity and Inclusion to create effective business solutions, to help grow your business and deliver quality, measurable results.  


We assist you with operational and implementation tasks and projects, ensuring that you embed diversity across your core business themes.

Our services are wide ranging and are built to suit your industry and budget.

At Kenroi Consulting® we understand that diversity consulting is a process through which knowledge and skills are to clients, helping them build more inclusive businesses.


Our values mean that we work closely with clients, helping them become learning organisations.  We assist our clients to effect change within their business culture. 

We will:

  • Actively engage with your business teams to support them with diversity marketing and diversity inclusion initiatives.

  • ​Support your HR functions to embed diversity as they build and manage relationships across your business.

  • ​Work with your learning and development function as they develop leadership and managerial capability within your business.

  • Offer a wide range of development services to fit a wide range of businesses. 

 We work across 5 principle areas

Strategy - Policy - Marketing and Branding - Learning and Development - Projects Implementation

 We also offer:


  • Diversity Strategy Development

  • Diversity Marketing

  • Diversity Audits

  • Benchmarking Diversity

  • Increasing Diversity in Recruitment

  • Diversity Talent Management

  • Inclusive Leadership, Bias and Anti-Racism Training

  • Diversity Compliance

  • Bid / Tender preparation

  • Design and delivery of staff Diversity training

  • Design and delivery of C- Suite specific training.

  • Workshops and Seminars

  • Outsourcing of diversity services

HR Training and Policy Development


Diversity and Inclusion Policy and reports

Cultural competency training

Bullying and Harassment Training and Workshops 
Diversity Toolkits

Equality Impact Assessments

Kenroi Consulting offers a wide range of diversity training, workshops and seminars

Get in touch for full details

Work with Diversity Experts
a diversity consultant on a blue stiped shity speaking with a client

Work With Experts in Diversity and Inclusion

When engaging with Kenroi Consulting®, you are working with diversity experts. Some consultancies will draw out the work to increase their profit, because they have the benefit of knowledge and experience.  We will NOT do this.  Our aim is to provide clients with FAST turnaround, whilst delivering quality results. 


The benefit of our approach is that, we can inject our knowledge into your business by offering a range of quality solutions which will enable you to get on with the business of growing your business.

Our consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds, including business,  public sector, marketing, IT, government and social services. We are also proud to say that our consultants come from a diverse range of social and cultural backgrounds.

We are able to provide a service that will make a positive impact on your business, using appropriate knowledge, cultural and social understanding.


Consulting in diversity is our passion. There are often times when businesses, both large and small, are unclear about the best direction to take to establish more efficient relationships diverse customers.

Kenroi Consulting can help you establish clear and effective relationships and marketing to diverse markets.


  • Are you seeking to develop diversity within your business but not sure where to start?


  • Do you need help planning or executing your next diversity project?


Any organisation can develop with small incremental changes, but building for the future  of inclusion in today's rapidly evolving business environment, means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions and harnessing diversity as a key measure of success.

We guide you with Diversity Consulting Services.

A boardroom with table andchairs and floor to ceiling galss windows

Achieve Your Diversity Goals

One of the unique selling points of Kenroi Consulting® is that there are no 'off the peg' solutions available to any current or future client.  All solutions are tailored to fit a clients specific needs and we consult and work with you throughout the duration of the project. 


In addition to this, we do not simply walk away when our work is done.  We stay in touch with our clients as they grow their business and implement their diversity solution. 

We believe that the best way to embed diversity into a business is to get to know the company and the way it operates. This way, we can design solutions that are tailor made for your business and be focused, yet creative in the way diversity impacts your business.  There are two important reasons for this. Firstly, a client can use best practice in diversity to focus ideas around current trends, and then secondly,  can make best practice work in a company focused, innovative way. This way, your company can be legally compliant whilst benchmarking best practice and adding 'a little something extra' to make you stand out.


Planning projects with diversity in mind, is the only way that a business can reap the long term rewards of embracing diversity.


We can help to focus diversity strategy and planning so that you are better able to structure your business in a way that considers the benefits of diversity, be it through workforce planning and recruitment, generating leads from a variety of communities and many other action planning activities.  


At Kenroi Consulting® Ltd, we combine our insights on how to transform your projects, processes, strategies, and in turn your company' using creativity and focusing on the engagement of your staff teams to embrace the diversity agenda.


We are proud to help shape how leading companies structure and manage their business better through the integration and implementation of well thought out, structured and strategic diversity planning.

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Business Development through Diversity

Kenroi Consulting® works with you to understand your business and your diversity needs. 


We will benchmark across your industry and ensure that your strategies incorporate best practice initiatives to ensure that you don't fall behind.  


Diversity and Inclusion are key themes which can allow your business to grow and remain competitive, if integrated into your business plans.


In an increasingly globalized marketplace, businesses must ensure that they implement a focused diversity strategy across all operational and strategic areas.  


By embracing diversity, through staff recruitment and effective branding and marketing to a diverse range of communities, your business can be at the forefront of your industry and remain attractive to your clientele.  


Contact us today for a consultation. 

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Increasing Knowledge and Personal Development

People are the best asset that an organistion has at its disposal. At Kenroi Consulting®, we TRULY understand this. In order for an organisation to be truly effective in the modern marketplace, it has to invest in its people.

We offer bespoke training around Diversity and Inclusion. We can tailor training specifically for one to one coaching, small or large teams or even whole departments.


We cover areas including legislation, bullying and harassment, talent acquisition, equality impact assessments, unconscious bias and much, much more.

We can deliver training, seminars and workshops to small groups, teams and departments.  We design and deliver seminars to Board members and management groups.  


We can also deliver presentations within you team and corporate away day programming.


Call us today with your requirements for tailor made training.

Contact Kenroi Consulting® to find how our unique diversity services can benefit your company.

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