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Professional Diversity Support through Consultancy

Kenroi Consulting is a professional diversity consulting firm.  Our diversity consultant team has spent decades working in the field of diversity, across various industries, so we provide knowledge and experience that enables you to advance your diversity and inclusion projects. 


Our diversity consulting team help you to achieve the best possible outcomes in diversity and inclusion.

Our diversity consulting services support you to build diversity and inclusion, into the operational frameworks of your business. 


We bring strategic benefits to your people programs and enable you to develop more inclusive relationships with clients and customers.

Our diversity consulting services:

  • Deliver value

  • Increase competence

  • Uniquely tailored

We support you build strong and effective organisations... with diversity and inclusion.

Carmen Morris - Director

Work With Experienced Consultants

Our clients benefit from a fast and efficient turnaround.  We deliver quality results whilst engaging with, and enabling, your staff teams.


We provide support to your business on long or shorter term projects, helping you to support diversity practice and embed inclusion. 

We can also help by providing operational support to meet tight deadlines, or add extra capacity working with your onsite staff.  

The benefit of our approach to diversity consulting is that, we can inject our knowledge into your business offering a range of quality solutions. 


This which enable you to get on with the business... of growing your business. 

Consultancy to Suit Your Needs

Our services are tailored to your specific needs.  We believe this is instrumental to your success.


Whilst general diversity training and consultancy is useful to any organisation, our services are uniquely tailored to your business and industry.

We will spend the time to analyse your current position and align your strategy to where you want to go.  

At Kenroi Consulting, we believe that in order to build a business which reflects the needs of its staff and customers, a tailored approach to diversity must be taken from the outset. 

Our Consulting Supports Your Business Towards Increased  Growth

We can help you with an assessment of your business and work with you to implement the correct strategy, which is specific to your business as well as your industry.

Aligning a strategy to good practice is just part of the picture. Developing your strategy in a way that makes it an exemplar of BEST practice is quite another!

Contact us today and lets talk about creative and unique diversity consulting solutions!

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