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Workplace Inclusion

Workplace inclusion involves a process of developing, and maintaining, an inclusive environment to support the needs of a diverse spectrum of employees.  It represents a key opportunity to increase representation of a wide range of communities, and enables a sense of belonging for all members of your employee base.

Inclusion in the workplace is important for the  development of a balanced organisational culture. 

It aids the achievement of advanced outcomes across diversity and inclusion agendas and people and process efficiency.

Everyone should feel included within the workplace.

Workplace inclusion is an integral part of corporate strategies, helping to drive performance, and improve returns on investment (ROI).  In the UK, inclusion is supported by equalities legislation and regulations, designed to prevent discrimination, and D&I into the workplace agenda. 

It is also supported by corporate governance codes, which provide guidelines on decision making processes.  Such codes are designed to inform best practice in culture and diversity, at board level, within corporate organisations

Workplace inclusion helps employees to feel supported and promotes your business brand within the external environment.

Workplace inclusion is aligned with the broader agenda to promote and engage with diversity and inclusion, as a moral societal requirement.  For continuity, this is often replicated, as a key focus of corporate social responsibility activities to promote inclusion.

Key Benefits of Inclusion

Successful organisations integrate diversity and inclusion into workplace objectives, as a key consideration, during strategic planning processes. 


They embed equality of opportunity as a key component of business growth and brand development activities. These best in class businesses, understand the precise relationships between a diverse and inclusive workplace, growth, and product / service innovation.

There are several benefits to building a supported workplace, that is balanced both in terms of diverse employees and processes to align structures with inclusive processes.

  • Attracts and retains high quality employees

  • Increases productivity and performance

  • Creates positive employee relationships

  • Helps to encourage innovation

  • Develops positive brand image to appeal to a wide range of stakeholders

  • Reduces the risk of legal action

An inclusive workplace helps to promote your business brand, supporting a positive image that is welcoming and engaging.

Carmen Morris - Managing Director

Developing a diverse and inclusive workplace, can help to promote your business to key stakeholders who may decide to invest in, or engage in partnership with your business. 


This can help your business to grow exponentially and further promote your brand.

The concept of the 'diverse and inclusive workplace' is synonymous with the development of new ideas and new ways of engaging with potential customers and clients.  It supports your business to grow and develop links with diverse customers and clients.  

This can enable your business to trade internationally, particularly if your employee base includes culturally diverse staff, with a wide portfolio of language skills.

Expert Support for Workplace Inclusion

Developing and promoting workplace inclusion is a business critical activity.  By supporting employees from a wide range of backgrounds, through a variety of programs and processes, a business can build a positive and engaging workplace culture, that supports growth.

At Kenroi Consulting, we support you to manage challenges around your diversity and inclusion objectives.  We are a UK based diversity consulting business, helping businesses across industries to develop and manage D&I processes. 

Diversity consulting support for workplace inclusion

Our diversity consultants support you to overcome diversity challenges by sharing expert D&I knowledge, gained across sectors. 


We also help you to deliver a range of diversity focused events and support your diversity objectives across a range of diversity and inclusion product and service areas.

We can help your leaders to develop cultural competency around diversity and inclusion.  Our experienced D&I consultants will support you to embed D&I across your business, with robust strategies for diversity management and recruitment activities to develop inclusive practice.

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