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Building Inclusion

Building Inclusion

Encourages a more diverse leadership.

Diverse Leadership

Diverse Leadership

Build leadership understanding of diversity CSR.

Change Processes

Change Processes

Helps leaders to manage corporate change.

Diversity Coaching

Diversity Coaching

Supports leadership to deliver on diversity.

Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Develop and manifest D&I corporate values.

Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Executive diversity coaching builds confidence

Executive Support

Executive Support

Kenroi Consulting adds value with diversity

Executive Diversity and Inclusion Coaching

Executive diversity and inclusion coaching has a major impact on the delivery of corporate strategies to embed diversity and inclusion. 


At Kenroi Consulting, we recognise that part of delivering success, depends on every individual recognising the diversity within themselves.   

Our diversity and inclusion coaching services strengthen executive leadership ability to address pressing issues around inclusion, particularly around race, equality and inclusion, gender and disability. 


It enables leaders to develop understanding and skills, crucial for embedding D&I within a changing business environment. 

VIDEO: Support your leaders to develop with Executive Diversity Coaching

We combine coaching methodologies with our expert knowledge of diversity and inclusion to provide solutions that provide lasting benefit to your business.

A diverse and inclusive workforce starts with effective leadership.

Through the transference of our knowledge and expertise in diversity and consultancy, we develop more effective managers and leaders, who are:

  • cognisant of the strategic and business benefits of diversity. 

  • able to transfer knowledge and behavioural skills to staff teams

  • become more confident with diversity and inclusion as a subject matter. 

We develop powerful, one-to-one relationships with your senior leaders, providing direction and support to enable personal development. 

Why Diversity and Inclusion Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful developmental tool, which supports leaders to better engage with, and develop skills, to deliver diversity with confidence. 


Kenroi Consulting supports leaders to overcome challenges around D&I, by helping them to internalise the personal and professional benefits  of inclusion.


Our executive diversity coaching services, assist leaders to  develop knowledge, and understand the ways in which they can effectively transfer learned skills, to the external environment. 

Executive diversity coaching is an essential component of developing maximum leadership potential.



It delivers an enhanced level of performance improvement, adding value to your business.

Carmen Morris - Managing Director.

By improving relationship management and developing understanding around the business case for diversity, we support the transitioning of leaders. 


Our coaching transforms individuals into successful change agents, helping your business to embed diversity and inclusion across all its functions, more quickly and effectively.

Executive diversity coaching will support leaders to assist in the process of reframing organisational culture.  It supports individuals to It will enable them to unlock their individual potential to achieve goals within the complex D&I space.  As a result, personal confidence and performance is maximised.

Our Inclusive Coaching Services

Our executive coaching service provides leaders with a safe, confidential relationship.  Leaders can use this relationship to discuss challenges and concerns, whilst developing confidence and competence around D&I. 


We also provide coaching in race and equality and gender diversity to support gender balance in your business.


We support leaders and executives to articulate diversity and inclusion, both internally and externally.  Our coaching helps to embed diversity, as a sustainable theme across personal, workforce and business development.

Delivering Impactful Coaching

Our role as a specialist diversity consultancy, is to support your senior executives through building a deep appreciation of D&I and unconscious bais, that will in turn support your business goals. 


We support your leaders to rationalise and build strategies to build inclusive practices, by understanding the relevance of diversity within well led organisations.

Executive Diversity Coaching is highly effective for transferring key skills into the corporate business environment.

Add diversity coaching to your leadership skills building portfolio! 

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We support executives to avoid potential pitfalls and realise personal and professional aspirations. Ultimately, we motivate them to take appropriate actions to build diversity into business.  


At Kenroi Consulting, we support executives to be more effective leaders. We help our clients to realise, and take full advantage of, the benefits of diversity and inclusion. 


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