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female muslim care worker wearing a hijab

Health and Social Care Sector Diversity Solutions

We support organisations across the Health and Social Care sector to ensure compliance with legislation, embed best practice solutions and provide a service that is  based on dignity and respect.

We offer a full diversity training program for your managers and staff and ensure that your establishment operates within CQC guidelines for equality, diversity and inclusion.

female careworker laughing with a male care resident

We can provide you with consultancy to help you achieve better outcomes for your service. 


We can provide you with a diversity audit which will show you where you are doing well and highlight areas that require improvement.

We assist you to deliver initiatives that embrace diversity and inclusion and develop an organisational mindset of inclusion for better business results.

Our policy development and training delivery is aligned with your industry and helps to ensure that your business is operating within CQC guidelines. 


We enable you to provide a well led service by supporting your staff and managers to embed diversity and inclusion into working practices.

'We support you in delivering a better outcomes based on dignity, respect, diversity and inclusion'

Our consultants have many years of valuable experience within the healthcare industry. 


We are able to utilise our extensive experience to assist you in making Diversity and Inclusion a business as usual activity across your functions.

We are able to deliver training and consultancy solutions across a range of healthcare functions and activities.  Our services include:​

  • Training and seminars

  • Workforce Race Equality Scheme

  • Dignity at Work Schemes

  • Diversity Groups

  • Supporting HR staff

  • Providing outsourced diversity services

We can work with:

  • Hospitals

  • Clinics

  • CCG's

  • Dental and Medical

  • Surgeries

  • Allied health professions

  • Nursing homes

  • Residential Care Homes

We deliver training and consultancy around the protected characteristics:


  • Age

  • Disability

  • Sex (gender)

  • Gender Reassignment (Identity)

  • Race

  • Marriage and Civil Partnership

  • Religion or belief

  • Sexual orientation

  • Pregnancy and maternity status

We support you in taking action to ensure equality for your staff, protect human rights and deliver your services with dignity and respect.

Whatever your needs within this sector, we can help.  We can provide an outsourced diversity resource to assist you or design a specific package to meet your needs.

Contact us using the enquiry button below to discuss your requirements.

"We can assist you and your staff teams in fulfilling CQC requirements for diversity and inclusion"

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