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Our Approach

Our approach is driven by our values and can be summed up by our strapline 'Bringing Diversity to Life.'

At Kenroi Consulting, we approach all clients from the perspective of being a considerate and professional consulting team, focused on delivering best value in diversity.  


We are a solutions focused diversity consultancy, and as such, we focus on establishing goals which are outward looking and future orientated.  


We develop strategic approaches which highlight the importance of developing solutions, rather than focusing on problems and challenges.

How We Work with our Clients

First and foremost, we LISTEN.  We understand that the challenges that businesses face and many and complex.


We understand that whilst some industries have done much to bring diversity to the forefront of their business, others, have not performed as well.

Our approach is driven by our values and can be summed up by our strapline .....
'Bringing Diversity to Life.'

Our aim is to help your business attain increasing levels of diversity and inclusion.  We approach every client as an individual entity, and ensure that we understand their needs before devising a solution.


At Kenroi Consulting, we do not offer off the peg solutions.  We build a solution which is specific to your particular business needs and provides a clear strategy for growing your business through diversity.  

Although we are a diversity consultancy, our work focuses on much more than providing client advice. 


Often, we find that clients need assistance in actually completing pieces of work and gaining a deeper understanding of the business processes necessary to drive meaningful results for inclusion.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can empathize with our clients and align our services to their specific business needs and goals.  This helps us to build long lasting and successful relationships, based on a reciprocal commitment to diversity.

We Focus on Results

We are a results focused consultancy business.  Having a pleasant relationship pales into insignificance, if it does not bring results for your business.  


Taking a strategic approach ensures that your business is continually seeking to raise the bar in the area of inclusion.  Our diversity improvement service is designed to ensure that your business seeks increasingly innovative ways to engage staff and customers around diversity and inclusion. 

  • No business too small to benefit

  • We help business across all industries

  • We build knowledge at all levels

  • We create strategies that underpin success

  • We look at your business objectively

  • We design business specific solutions

  • We make sure you are compliant

  • We help you respond to change

Our diversity business improvement service helps you to look at your business objectively.  It helps you to engage with solutions that ensure legislative compliance, 


It also supports your ability to respond to the constant changes in a globalised, diverse marketplace.  


If you are seeking to build your business, attract a wider talent base, build your corporate diversity messaging and expend your client base, this is a service you might well consider.

Long or Short Term Support

We love to work with our clients on a long term basis, but recognise that this is not always the most effective solution.


Sometimes, clients only require a short term amount of support to better manage their resources.  Our operational support service may be the best solution in such an instance.   


We can assist clients with our diversity outsourcing services, where they have the benefit of an experienced diversity consultant, onsite to help with longer pieces of project work and implementation.  

Whatever your business needs, if it has a diversity focus.... we have a solution.

At Kenroi Consulting.... diversity is what we do!

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