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diversity consultancy

Diversity Consultancy 

Nominated  for Consultancy of the Year Award 2019 and 2020

Kenroi Consulting®  is a specialist diversity consulting business, delivering a wide range of solutions, across industries. We work with you to address challenges, meet deadlines and build diversity into your projects and programmes of work via our diversity consultancy services.  Our brand supports businesses to develop robust strategies to embed diversity and inclusion.

   VIDEO: Diversity Consultancy - Built for Business

From examining the status quo, to defining and delivering robust strategies to develop D&I, we play a key role in helping your business develop innovative, and progressive diversity practices, and solutions through our diversity consultancy offering.  


We provide tailored diversity consulting solutions to help your organisation grow and increase the relevance of diversity. We provide professional advice supported by modern perspectives.

What is diversity consultancy?  We explain the different types of diversity consultancy and the benefits of consulting to advance your business results.  

Diversity Consulting Services

Kenroi Consulting supports you with the management of diversity across your business processes and functions.  Our diversity consultancy and training helps to develop your business strategy and build more effective, inclusive teams.


We help you to develop the frameworks, activities and team cultures to grow your business, and improve diversity and inclusion . 

We provide support with inclusive leadership development to engage current and future leaders with the business behaviours and practices necessary to build an inclusive business. 


We provide diversity mentoring services for all levels of staff to help develop a culture of inclusion, whilst supporting personal and professional growth. 

Inclusive Boards
Strategic Support
Diversity Consultancy
Building Understanding
Gender Diversity
Diversity HR Support
Executive Coaching
Diversity Recruitment
Inclusive Workforce

We assist with individual diversity projects, or with more focused and in depth pieces of work, enabling you to embed diversity across all systems, functions, policies and strategies.  

Embedding diversity through knowledge and skills

Industry Sectors

Need more support?

Operational Support in Diversity
Benchmarking Diversity
Diversity Training and Seminars
Diversity Events

Kenroi Consulting - 'Bringing Diversity to Life'

Kenroi Consulting Ltd offers a wide range of diversity consulting services. 

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