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Carmen Morris

Managing Director

Diversity Consultant

Kenroi Consulting 

Carmen Morris - Diversity Consultant - Managing Director

Carmen Morris is the Founder and Managing Director of Kenroi Consulting.  With over 25 years’ experience in the field of diversity and inclusion, she has significant experience across a wide spectrum of diversity and inclusion.


Carmen is experienced in a wide range of consulting areas including strategic diversity management, training and development. Her specialist area is race and race equality.

Carmen, and her team of lead and associate consultants, work in partnership with organisations to help leverage strengths and talents to enable the promotion and embedding of diversity and inclusion at all levels of business, helping to optimize business results.

Thought Leadership

Carmen promotes leadership authenticity around inclusion, encouraging independence of perspective, whilst promoting action to challenge the status quo. 


She enables the essence of creativity and productivity, that is unleashed through diversity and inclusion, as a key component of organisational excellence.

Carmen is a contributor in the area of diversity and inclusion and leadership on

You can visit her profile here.

Carmen partners with clients to design and implement diversity and inclusion solutions, helping to support development and strategic planning in diversity. 


She is experienced at working within large, complex organisations, ensuring that diversity and inclusion strategies are aligned to local, regional, national and global HR and business strategies.

Carmen Morris is a diversity and inclusion speaker

Business Support

As Managing Director, Carmen ensures that organisations are effectively supported to implement diversity and inclusion, by developing robust strategies embedded across policy, practice and operational functions.

Carmen has supported a wide range of organisations, across industries, with diversity and inclusion consulting.  

Events, Seminars and Public Speaking

Carmen regularly delivers seminars on the diversity and inclusion and race and equality agenda to leadership.  She is an active proponent for supporting BAME advocacy within organizational people development and inclusive project design.

Carmen Morris - TRT World News Interview.

Carmen has a wide network of connections within the diversity and inclusion professional arena.


She is regularly invited as a guest speaker at events with a diversity and inclusion and race.

Kenroi Consulting Managing Director

She has appeared on TRT World News as an expert consultant on race and equality, and has been interviewed on several podcasts around race, equality and inclusion consulting.

Delivering Diversity and Inclusion

As part of her consultancy services, she provides expert content across the diversity and inclusion spectrum for award winning e-learning, and develops content for clients around inclusion.


Carmen is an avid blogger, developing useful content for an audience across social media and within organisations, developing traction across the diversity and inclusion, and particularly Black and Minority Ethnic issues and concerns.

Her blog posts can be found on her own website diversity blog. Carmen has an active presence on the professional networking platform, LinkedIn, where she also hosts a company page.

Carmen supports organisations across industries to develop and maintain a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion across the policies, practices and functions of business operational activities.


Carmen holds a BSc (Hons) in Social Sciences (Sociology / Social Psychology) from the University of Bradford and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Open University. 


Additionally, Carmen has several professional qualifications to support her experience, including:

  • Top Down Strategic Thinking – High Level Content and Approach

  • Managing Stakeholder Relationships 

  • Managing Strategic Projects

  • Fairness and Managing Diversity

  • Advanced Award in Equal Opportunities Training

  • Management Development Advanced Award

Carmen is a qualified Diversity and Inclusion Trainer

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