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Diversity Benchmarking

Kenroi Consulting offers a professional benchmarking service, through which you can benchmark your diversity performance across several industries.  


This can help you to assess your business through a new lens.  The primary focus of effective diversity consultancy, is enabling organisations to grow and succeed by benchmarking with others, across industry.

Diversity Benchmarking helps you to compare your performance against other businesses in your industry and establish best practice.

It allows you to  determine your required improvements and maintain industry standards and best practice.

We assist you in understanding how your business measures up in comparison with others.


Increasingly, businesses are benchmarking their diversity practices across sectors in order to pull best practices examples from a wide range of sources.  

We help you to understand the ways in which industry, as a whole, can provide examples of best practice initiatives in diversity.


This will help you develop products and services that are in keeping with best practice in diversity.

By thinking strategically about diversity, and benchmarking best practice, your business can gain traction in a increasingly globalised and competitive market.

Achieving Business Excellence With Diversity Benchmarking 

Our consultants support you to develop and deliver services, through well designed, appropriate processes to achieve business excellence through diversity benchmarking.

We help you to develop processes and systems to continually measure your performance around diversity and inclusion.

  • How does your business measure up to your competitors?

  • How are your competitors doing things differently to achieve better results?

  • When was the last time you audited your diversity practices?

  • Do you need to modernize your diversity practices in your business?

  • Why do other businesses seem to attract more diverse employees?

  • Do you survey your employees, customers, and clients, and suppliers on diversity?

We can assist you with tailor made benchmarking solutions to help you understand the best practice measures that you can apply, to embed diversity.


By measuring your performance against others, you can assess the areas of your business that are doing well and which need improvement.  


Benchmarking for diversity is a continuous process which will allow you to keep in line with best practice in diversity and even surpass it. 

Kenroi Consulting can help your business to gain a competitive advantage, through a defined process of benchmarking diversity.  

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