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female employee wearing a yellow hard hat and protective glasses in a factory

Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy for Manufacturing Sector

There is a skills shortage within the manufacturing sector and uncertainty which affects the ability of employers within the manufacturing sector to recruit effectively.


The UK Manufacturing industry has experienced unprecedented change with economic challenges and structural concerns impacting diversity and inclusion.

In order to prepare for the next generation of workers, the manufacturing industry must embrace diversity and inclusion, in order to effectively align with societal changes and employee expectations.


Kenroi Consulting supports your business to develop a strategic planning program for recruitment, as well as providing engagement activities for your workforce around diversity and inclusion. 


By increasing the scope of activities to attract more diverse recruits, companies are better able to fill vacant positions with suitably qualified personnel. They are also better able to market and engage with more diverse communities through more effective marketing activity. 

"Embedding diversity and inclusion supports you business to better promote your brand in challenging environments"

We can audit your business for diversity and inclusion and provide you with consultancy to ensure you get it right!

Supporting Inclusive Development

Our consultants support you to develop and engage with a wide range of communities to enable diversity and inclusive processes in your business.

How we help you:

  • Developing strategy plans and processes

  • Designing diversity policies and procedures

  • Promoting diversity across your operations

  • Supporting with Equality Compliance

  • Training delivery at all levels

  • Support with diverse recruitment initiatives

  • Assist in with partnering opportunities

  • Support with supplier diversity

More than simply setting policies, we support you in developing strategic plans and activities to promote diversity and inclusion across your business functions. 


We design programs and activities to attract and retain women and a wide range of diverse communities to your business.


We design diversity policies and procedures to help retain and develop staff and promote your industry to a wide range of people.


Diversity and Inclusion are key drivers of innovation and are important measures of success supporting the manufacturing industry to become more relevant, on a global scale.

We help you to:

  • Develop a program to attract talent to your business

  • Recognize diversity at corporate level

  • Develop skills at corporate team level.

  • Develop and initiate a comprehensive program of diversity and inclusion

Need more information?  Send us an email enquiry and we will be in touch shortly.

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