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Kenroi Consulting - Our Brand

Diversity consultancy is a specialised professional consulting service, providing businesses with expert advice,  knowledge and support to advance their diversity and inclusion agendas. 


Diversity consultants support businesses and other organisations to design and develop the strategies, policies and leadership skills that are necessary to embed diversity and inclusion.

Consulting in Diversity and Inclusion

Consulting in diversity is what we do.  At Kenroi Consulting, we have a passion for diversity. 


We support organisations to change the ways in which they operate by embedding diversity and inclusion into business and operational strategy.

Why Partner with Our Brand?

Kenroi Consulting assists your business to create sustainable D&I strategies. 


We work with you to understand your business goals and growth ambitions. 


By working with you to understand your specific needs, we are able to recommend a variety of specifically tailored diversity and inclusion based solutions to suit your needs.

By partnering with us, you benefit from:

  • qualified and experienced diversity consultants

  • a professionally assessed and tailored vision for diversity and inclusion

  • alignment of your D&I vision to your goals and organisational objectives

  • creation of standards and measures to track performance

  • Support to garner support, engagement and commitment for D&I

  • Coaching and mentoring to build leadership skills

Our diversity consulting is built upon a wealth of experience, and a commitment to bring diversity to life across your business. 


Our diversity consultants have extensive skills and experience, gained across multiple  industries, to deliver best practice in diversity and inclusion.

We deliver quality, value and expertise.  We bring diversity to life!

Carmen Morris - Managing Director

Our diversity consultancy is tailor made to ensure that any solution we deliver, is built for your specific organisational and / or industry circumstances. 

We believe this is the best way to properly serve our customers and ensure they are supported with real value.

Bringing Diversity to Life.

We provide objective advice and assistance to help your business excel, supporting corporate governance of diversity and inclusion.


We support your organisation with both long and short term objectives, relating to embedding diversity into the following aspects of business:

  • strategic diversity support and planning

  • structural design for diversity

  • leadership development and diversity coaching

  • operational support

Kenroi Consulting specializes in assisting you to identify options for solving specific problems and providing recommendations. 


We can support you with additional resources to develop solutions or, we can design and implement tailor made diversity solutions for you.

We share our knowledge and expertise in diversity and inclusion. 


By doing this, we help businesses to set and attain goals to help solve business problems by embedding D&I into business policies, processes and functions.

Professional Advice... Modern Perspectives.

We maintain a fresh perspective and focus with every client.


Our significant experience enables us to understand client needs, and design and deliver most appropriate solutions, to solve your current problems.

We can support your business through reorganisations, helping you to embed inclusive processes


This helps you to strengthen productivity and innovation, and  develop an inclusive workplace environment.

Diversity Consulting

Our services are used by established businesses and start ups alike.  who want to embed excellent practice from the outset.


Take a look at our frequently asked questions to learn a little more about who we help.

Consulting for Business Benefit

If you are looking for external support on diversity and inclusion you've come to the right place! 


Contact us to learn how we support you with added value consulting.

Learn about our brand values and what makes us unique in the area of diversity consulting.

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