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seven diverse people of various ethnic backgrounds

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is a business imperative.  We work with organisations to create diverse and inclusive workplaces that maximise the potential of employees.  

We support your business to attract and retain diverse talent, by building an inclusive leadership and brand image.

VIDEO : Diversity and Inclusion is About Equity and Excellence

Building an inclusive workplace environment is important.  Kenroi Consulting supports your leaders to build and nurture a business environment that supports workplace inclusion, in which employees are supported to do their best work.

Diversity and inclusion supports your ability to develop your business for the future.

Carmen Morris - Director

By building a workplace environment that actively supports diversity and inclusion, your employees can advance through the business, fully contributing to the progress of your outcomes, both now and in the future.

Supporting Diverse and Inclusive Cultures

We work with leaders to reduce bias and promote a culture that is built on the values of diversity and inclusion.  

Where D&I has been overlooked or under-implemented, we help to address any leadership challenges to embedding diversity and inclusion into your policies, functions and operational practices.

Our consultants work to embed diversity and inclusion as an integral part of strategic, management and delivery functions. 

We support you to engage staff around D&I, supporting you to embrace diversity both internally and across your stakeholder and corporate social responsibility agendas.

We understand that reducing barriers to diversity and inclusion is the best way to develop a strong, innovative and progressive culture. 


This is why much of our work focuses on capacity building, motivation and skills development.  

blue and white jigsaw spelling out word solutions

We design and deliver bespoke D&I solutions to support you to develop useful and robust understanding around diversity and inclusive practice.  

Our experienced consultants support you to navigate any challenges you may have around embedding diversity and building an inclusive culture, helping you to maximise D&I benefits.

Building Diversity and Inclusion for your Future

Creating a diverse and inclusive business culture supports your organisation to enhance your deliverable. 

The collaboration of employees of diverse backgrounds and cultures helps to drive innovation and helps to bolster your business image and reputation. 

It helps to capture the attention of potential recruits, customers and clients who value diversity and inclusion as a business attribute. 

The benefits of D&I simply outweigh any challenges to developing it.  Diversity and inclusion is important for the future of your business. Becoming more strategic about D&I and making an appropriate business case for it, helps to ensure that it is a key component of your strategic frameworks.. 

It helps you to remain competitive and attractive, supporting to you influence best practice whilst advancing quality outcomes and objectives.

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