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a workplace team discussing looking at a femaile diversity consultant who is speaking

Diversity Toolkits

We support organisations to integrate a range of strategies to help embed diversity and inclusion as a key consideration, across all activities.


By exploring the impact of actions and behaviours, you can ensure that managers seize opportunities to build diverse and inclusive processes.

This helps to develop robust staff teams and implement strategies to capture, review and enhance diversity and inclusion, at all levels.

Our consultants design toolkits to:

  • Engage with staff in a culturally sensitive manner

  • Assess diversity within your business and monitor how different groups of people are progressing

  • Explore ways of developing diversity awareness and celebrating diversity across your organisation

  • Develop opportunities to learn about different cultural backgrounds, and experiences and consider ways of using this knowledge to promote inclusion.

  • Examine attitudes and beliefs and the impact they have on your organisation

A diversity toolkit is an excellent method of supporting your managers

Carmen Morris - Managing Director

Assist you staff with a diversity toolkit to support knowledge and development - add one to your internet or intranet

A diversity toolkit will ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion become a routine part of your organisational business planning processes. 


Our toolkits can be designed to be applied to all areas of your business operation.  A toolkit is a useful apparatus for building diversity into the primary activities of your business and can cover many themes, including:

  • Race and Equality

  • Human Resources

  • Legislation

  • Religion in the workplace

  • Building inclusive work teams

  • Managing diversity

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