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Supporting our Clients to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion

Kenroi Consulting is committed to helping organisations achieve their diversity goals.


We achieve this aim by personalizing diversity solutions by making a difference within the diversity consultancy space. 

Our strong sense of personal service, borne from our commitment to our values, means that we promote interaction with client teams, helping them to develop knowledge.


We provide solutions to ensure that clients get the best value from their consultancy budget.  

As best practice evolves around the diversity remit, we strive to keep abreast of developments.


We always ensure that we adapt and improve as diversity and inclusion policy and practice develops.

Our Attributes

We are a dedicated team of consultant practitioners, providing diversity consultancy and support on a full range of initiatives and solutions.


When engaging with Kenroi Consulting, you can be assured that we will provide you with a first class service.  You can expect the following professional attributes from us:​

  • A dedicated team of consultants

  • We listen to our clients needs

  • We provide expert diversity consultancy

  • We build effective diversity solutions

  • We focus on innovation

  • We work WITH our clients

  • We seek to build lasting, productive relationships

We have an embedded respect for our client's culture, identity, objectives and business needs. 


Kenroi Consulting is committed to delivering innovative business consultancy, driven by expert knowledge and professional experience.  

Kenroi Consulting

' Bringing Diversity to Life '

Our aim is to provide you with a service ... that we can both be proud of!

Our professionalism and expertise in diversity and inclusion enable us to identify strongly with the outcomes that clients seek.

We work hard to design bespoke solutions for embedding diversity into your business, whilst increasing client's visibility and brand value.

Our Expertise

We supply consultants with precise knowledge and industry skills, who will be best suited to your project needs and intended outcomes.


This ensures that your project solution gets the correct level of input from the consultants who have an understanding of the issues that your industry faces. 

Our expertise has been developed across several industry sectors, over many years. We have business based understanding of the challenges you face, and are aware that organisations can be at differnt stages of their journey in this area.

We treat our clients like individuals.... because they are!

Our extensive knowledge of specific guidelines and procedures around diversity, best practice and legislation / compliance regulations, allows us to achieve long lasting results.

We develop a range solutions, (including diversity training, diversity marketing and specialist consultancy) to support your brand, products and services towards sustained growth and development.

Kenroi Consulting is commitment to being an innovative business consultancy, driven by expert knowledge. Our professionalism and expertise in our subject area enables us to identify strongly with the outcomes that clients seek.  It is one of the reasons why our clients choose us!

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