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Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring

Diversity and inclusion mentoring plays an important part in the delivery of organisational excellence.  It is a useful addition to staff developmental initiatives. 


Crucially, mentoring supports the delivery of added value in diversity and inclusion, helping to create an agile, high performance environment.

Diversity mentoring schemes help leaders and staff to develop a broader, more engaged perspective of diversity and inclusion within the business.

VIDEO : Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring supports inclusive behaviours

The strengths of diversity are enhanced by encouraging interactions that build confidence, create trust and serve to build knowledge and experience, whilst developing business practice. 

Integrating diversity mentoring into staff and leadership development functions, it is possible to create a collegiate and high performance organisational culture.

Diversity mentoring benefits the mentor, the mentee and the Company.  It is an activity that adds immense, long lasting value to your business.

Carmen Morris - Director

Benefits of Inclusion Mentoring 

Kenroi Consulting supports businesses to optimise the business benefits of diversity by incorporating diversity mentoring into our diversity and inclusion consulting solutions.

By utilising diversity mentoring as an integral component of developing D&I, the business commitment to diversity is amplified. 


The act of mentoring supports whole organisational development of the specific actions and behaviours necessary the operational and strategic effectiveness of diversity goals. 

Mentoring for diversity has many benefits:

  • Enhances talent pipeline by encouraging diversity and inclusion

  • Aligns diversity initiatives with strategic planning and organisational goals

  • Supports the retention and development of all staff through recognition of diverse backgrounds and experience

  • Aligns your brand with diversity and inclusion, supporting your recruitment and marketing initiatives

Diversity mentoring is a practical solution that adds value to your overall inclusion strategy.

Diversity and inclusion mentoring is a practical solution that delivers permanency within your strategic and operational planning by supporting individual and group development. It will deliver added value to your initiatives.

Our Tailored Inclusion Mentoring  Services

The process of embedding inclusion is necessary to achieve a diverse and supportive workplace and business environment.  Diversity mentoring programmes help managers and leaders to learn and appreciate the principles of inclusion.

They also support the development of cultural competence, assisting mentees to understand and build skills around effective cross-cultural communication.

Mentoring helps to focus individuals on the ways that organisational culture and processes can impact the business, and how diverse and inclusive processes help to develop positive and engaged workplace cultures. 

Clients may choose to implement either a company wide or individual approach to diversity mentoring.

At Kenroi Consulting, we support leaders with the delivery of two types of mentoring programmes.

Formal Diversity Mentoring

By leveraging the diversity of staff as a key business asset, and aligning this diversity with recognised business goals, you are better able to generate an environment that is supportive of whole organisational buy - in for D&I initiatives. 

By adopting a company wide approach to mentoring, an organisation can embed diversity and inclusion across a wide range of business functions to support a well led and engaged company culture. 

Mentoring offers the opportunity to focus and engage staff around all aspects of difference, whilst at the same time, expanding the scale of its focus, allowing the institutionalisation of inclusive practice.

Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring offers the opportunity for individual staff members to mentor one another. This has the benefit of enabling staff teams to better understand different perspectives and experiences. 

Reverse diversity mentoring allows both parties to learn from each other, enhancing knowledge of differences in culture and behaviours. 

Reverse diversity mentoring offers the additional benefit of encouraging professional interactions that build confidence and create trust. 


This helps focus managers and, in particular, leaders with accountability for diversity, to build knowledge and experience, whilst developing practice.

Mentoring Schemes

Workplace mentoring schemes help to develop future leaders within the business.  They are tailored to the specific needs of your business, taking into account future business needs within your industry.  

A diversity mentoring scheme delivers added value to your diversity initiatives, benefiting both employer, mentor and mentee.

  • Develops an organisational culture that is intuitive and inclusive and 

  • Engages staff through personal and professional growth

  • Enhances and supports leadership development activities

  • Enhances staff motivation, morale and innovation

  • Identifies emerging talent

  • Fosters a culture of inclusion and motivates leaders and senior staff.

  • Assists with the management of diversity as a primary business function

Fully engage your staff with a Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring Scheme!

Investing in a diversity mentoring scheme is an ideal way of developing talent with a business knowledge of diversity. As well as the transference of knowledge and skills, it enables practice, helping to embed inclusive practice into the core of key business activities.

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