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Civil Engineering Sector Diversity Solutions

The Civil Engineering industry is faced with many challenges, not least the lack of new recruits to the industry and diversity. 


The UK faces a deficit of 340,000 engineers by 2020 meaning that companies are faced with issues of recruitment on an unprecedented scale.


This is impacting ability to deliver objectives in an efficient way.

As well as making civil engineering attractive to candidates, the industry must do more to promote opportunities to diverse candidates as a viable career option in which they can progress.


There is much work to be done in this area and many within the construction industry have already started this work.

We can help you navigate the diversity and inclusion landscape by working with you to develop the most effective solution for your business.

Carmen Morris - Director

Key challenges include:

  • Attracting high calibre engineers to infrastructure investment projects

  • Recruitment of minority and female engineers

  • Worklife balance issues

In addition to this, large infrastructure projects are increasingly using diversity and inclusion as a pre-requisite the tending process.  key deliverable throughout the life cycle of the project.

Diversity and inclusion is a key deliverable and quality performance indicator of successful project delivery. 


It should be embedded across all functions of a successful, modern business operations, learning and development. 

We can support your business to:

  • Engage Boards, leadership, staff around diversity issues

  • Provide support in promoting diversity across your business

  • Provide support to engage with diverse suppliers

  • Support effective recruitment planning

  • Develop strategies across to embed diversity

  • Design and deliver training and support initiatives

  • Provide consultancy on a range of diversity issues.

"Diversity adds value to your business operations by supporting innovative solutions and better decision making "

We provide training and consultancy across a wide range of diversity concerns and help you by supporting your business across the full remit of diversity.

We can develop a wide range of bespoke diversity solutions to:

  • Ensure compliance with Equality Act 2010

  • Operates in a diverse and inclusive way

  • Embeds diversity into the heart of business functions

  • Supports supplier diversity activities

  • Develops and implements a comprehensive diversity strategy


Contact us to discuss the diversity and inclusion requirements of your civil engineering business.  We can partner with you to deliver the most effective solution for your business type and size.

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