Gender Diversity Consultancy

Gender Inclusion Consultancy

We deliver gender inclusion consultancy to support your business to build gender diversity into effective business operations.

Our experienced consultants understand the importance of gender in making good business decisions and the contribution that women make to driving business success.

Gender diversity is important to every business.  There is a growing urgency to address the gender imbalance within businesses and organisations. 

This urgency becomes clear when statistics show that 1 in 5 women believe that they do not have the same chance of succeeding as men. 


With much debate still surrounding the gender-pay gap, corporate entities are being challenged to provide redress, for these unnecessary and unfair imbalances.

VIDEO: Gender Inclusion presents many benefits for business.

Gender Equality is a human and equal right, yet many companies practice inequality ... by design.  

This can be rectified with professional diversity consultancy.

The benefits of gender diversity are too great to business leaders to ignore. 


According to a recent report on gender diversity, having a balanced gender structure, especially, in leadership positions, has been linked to greater profitability for business.

Whilst gender imbalance is an issue in many businesses, it is not an insurmountable problem.

The issue of gender inequality can be rectified by understanding key issues and building gender diversity into the framework of your business operations.

Redressing Gender Imbalance.

By supporting business leaders to develop an understanding of why gender balance matters, we help them to action strategies to build balance into their hiring, retention and promotion processes.

Executive Coaching will help executives develop competence and competency around gender diversity issues.

At Kenroi Consulting, we enable modern leadership and organisational effectiveness. By supporting to make gender equality, an integral part of business operations, we help you build corporate value.

  • We support you to unlock the opportunities created by a more balanced workforce.

  • Utilise the skills and benefits do women bring to leadership positions

  • Develop accessible recruitment, retention and promotion strategies.​

Our Approach... Is Your Advantage.

We approach gender diversity as an improvement within your business.  Our brand of gender consulting, supports you to build diversity into the very fabric of your business.

Achieving gender diversity begins with an evaluation of your business. We support the implementation of coherent strategies, to build gender equality into:


  • policies

  • practices

  • learning strategies

  • KPI's

Fair representation of gender at all levels, builds interest and trust in your business.

Building gender diversity into the framework of your business, supports long term value.

Gender diversity is a business improvement activity, enabling your business to attract talent and support retention within your business.  Achieving gender diversity begins with an evaluation of your business. 


The process completes its first cycle, with the successful implementation of coherent strategies that are aligned to the policies, practices and learning strategies of your business.

Our advantage is that we have confident and competent diversity consultants. We understand the priorities of our clients and build solutions that actively engage with gender diversity.

Our priority is to meet and exceed the gender consulting requirements of our clients.

Gender Diversity is Your Gateway to the Future.

Gender inclusion is becoming a key theme for business organisations.  Addressing structural inequalities, will propel your business towards excellence.


Invest in making gender balance a core theme across your business practices!

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Position your business for the future.

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