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Diversity and Inclusion Operational Support

Diversity and Inclusion Support Service

Kenroi Consulting offers operational support around diversity and inclusion, which will allow your business to save resources and manage your staff time more effectively.

We provide operational support across a wide range of business functions, including HR.  We can support you with any business function or project.

We can help you scope your needs and ensure that you are able to complete your project to the required standard, and on time.  


We deliver an onsite service, anywhere in the UK, however we can support you remotely for some projects, which may not require an onsite presence.

VIDEO: HR Operational Diversity Support

Our consultants come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and have valuable experience in all aspects of diversity.  


We operate across a diverse range of sectors and industries and are able to support you with diversity consultancy and operational support. 


We scope your support to meet the requirements of your business, making sure results impact your particular industry.  We are able to work across the a wide range of industries:

Specialist Consultancy across Industries

We are able to provide support on site or remotely depending on your project size and scope.  


Whether you need project support, expert consultancy, training or workshops, we can help.

Our consultants provide your team with dedicated support to enable you to deliver effectively on your D&I agenda.

We assist you when when staff resources or required knowledge and expertise  in diversity is limited.


We can also provide support with a bid or tender specification.

  • Healthcare

  • Construction

  • Public Sector

  • Social Care

  • Recruitment

  • Education

  • Logistics / Supply Chain

  • Civil Engineering

  • Construction

  • Information Technology

  • Retail

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Manufacturing

  • Sports

  • Community Sector

As our consultants are based across the UK, we are often available at short notice.  This benefits clients in a number of ways:

  • We can provide a faster service

  • Familiar consultancy

  • Cost savings

  • Local knowledge, if required

Key Benefits of Diversity Support Service



  • Meet tight deadlines

  • Receive expert support

  • Increase capacity

  • Manage your resources

  • Save time and money

This service can be particularly helpful when deadlines are fast approaching or when a business has to re-organize staff resources, in order to fulfil other priorities.

Our diversity operational support services can be a lifesaver to a business that has to complete a diversity project, or fulfil diversity compliance issues as a matter of urgency. 

Read a case study below of how Kenroi Consulting provided a company with support on a time critical project of work.  If you require operational support in any area of diversity and inclusion, please contact us without delay.

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