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Diversity and Inclusion Support Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

Companies within the Oil and Gas industry are experiencing significant change due to changes in geopolitical environments, financial and regulatory policies that impact the industry. 


As business models change, and supply chains are adjusted, the significance of embedding diversity and inclusion is increased. 

Diversity of thought and experience will assist companies to better navigate a rapidly changing environment.  It helps business to better innovate and capitalize on global opportunities and help to create a more diverse and inclusive working environment. 

How we help you develop diversity and inclusion:

  • Develop a strategy for embedding diversity and inclusion

  • Help you with partner with diverse communities

  • Provide support and training on Equality Act 2010

  • Help you manage promotion to women and BME communities

  • Support a process of developing Board Member diversity

  • Unconscious bias training for senior, supervisory and recruitment staff

"We provide tailor-made solutions to help you manage the promotion of diversity and inclusion within your company"

We  provide specialist diversity consultants to support your projects

How We Support Your Industry

Senior and hiring managers within this industry can benefit greatly by creating and investing in a diverse talent scheme to engage potential recruits from a wide range of communities. 


Diverse mentoring schemes can help companies within this industry to develop the skills of staff and promote inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion must be integrated into programs and processes to attract and promote more women, Black and ethnic minority staff and people from across the protected characteristic groups, as defined by the Equality Act 2010.


Expanding pathways to senior management positions for all staff, is essential for attracting and retaining staff, and for developing an inclusive workplace environments.

We will  support you to:

  • Develop inclusive policies and procedures

  • Engage and attract diverse talent​

  • Develop partnering activities

  • Promote diversity

We help you develop programs to build understanding around the diversity remit, tailored to your staff grouping requirements. 


We can provide support for your diversity processes to ensure your business is compliant and is embedding diversity into your business strategy and operational practices. 


We support your support your recruitment agenda and promote your company to a wide range of groups.

Your Next Steps

Learn more about our extensive range of diversity and inclusion solutions by clicking on the appropriate link below, or email us to discuss your requirements. 

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