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Inclusive Marketing

At Kenroi Consulting, we understand the crucial need for inclusive marketing, in an internet focussed environment, to grow your business.  An effective diversity and inclusion marketing strategy is crucial in modern times.


We help you to become more inclusive by building diversity into marketing campaigns, helping you to generate a broader base of customers and clients.  We have the expertise to help you grow your business, and learn how to properly manage your expansion by effectively marketing to diverse communities.  


This is highly effective in increasing diversity within your business.  It helps to and increase your customer base through inclusive marketing and brand propositioning strategy.

Partnering for Marketing Success

We partner with you to develop engaging marketing strategies, that capture the attention of a diverse range of potential customers and clients. 


By developing engaging strategies for marketing, we support you to effectively integrate important socio-cultural elements into your marketing strategy.

By supporting you to build high quality, scalable solutions to engage with diverse groups, we help you to develop and enrich rich brand experiences. 

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Increased Business Visibility

We can assist you on site or globally through our extensive IT remote capability.  We are a global diversity practice and can assist you regardless of location.

Diversity and Inclusion is an important aspect for effective engagement with brand marketing strategy.

Carmen Morris - Managing Director

Our inclusive marketing service is a process through which we help you design and develop a sustainable diversity and inclusion campaign. We help you to align your campaign with engaging recruitment activities, to attract a diverse range of candidates. 

Our service can also assist you to build relationships with a wide range of different organisations, which can assist you to promote your business to a wider range of potential clients or customers.

In an increasingly globalized economy, where content is KING, customers and clients are to be found globally. Diversity marketing is a must for any business seeking to expand.

If you are creating a new marketing strategy and want to ensure that you convey the right messaging, to promote your brand, we would be happy to help.  Whatever your marketing needs, we have the specialists available to help your business market itself effectively.

Learn more:  Why your business should have an inclusive brand proposition.

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