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Inclusive Workforce Planning

Sourcing and retaining staff from a wide range of backgrounds is critical to business success.  Kenroi Consulting can provide a range of options to help you develop an effective diversity recruitment and engagement solution. 


We support your business to better engage with your current workforce, as well as potential recruits to your business.

Our inclusive workforce planning solutions are designed to support inclusive recruitment, talent management, staff progression and leadership development across your business.

Why is Inclusive Workforce Planning Important?

Diversity workforce planning is an important part of building an inclusive and competitive business. 


It supports an effective, inclusive recruitment strategy and develops opportunities to become more competitive.

The importance of inclusive workforce planning cannot be understated in a rapidly changing economy.

Carmen Morris - Managing Director.

By aligning the business with inclusive practice and effective leadership,  your management team becomes more active and responsive to the needs of individuals, work teams and customers.  


Inclusive workforce strategies build more engaged teams that deliver increased productivity, creativity and innovation, obtaining better business results.

Supporting your Future Workforce Agenda

We work with your business to develop a comprehensive strategy for engagement. We support you to deploy an 8 point plan to ensure that you are better able to target and engage with a wide range of potential candidates effectively.

By working through our inclusive workforce planning strategy, you can build a lasting programme of diverse and inclusive recruitment, that will help you engage, recruit and build your business with diversity and inclusion. 

Our 8 point plan is composed of the following elements:

Workforce planning

  • Building awareness

  • Defining opportunities

  • Supply chain

  • Branding and attraction strategy

  • Shortlisting and interviews

  • Hiring decisions

  • Evaluation

Diversity and inclusion is a key component of effective workforce planning

Having a well defined, inclusive workforce planning strategy is a boon for any business seeking to attract and retain the very best talent, in a rapidly changing and environment.  

Additional Support for Inclusion

We can support your leaders with diversity and inclusion coaching to develop skills and understanding around the management of D&I. 


Kenroi Consulting can also provide support for HR or recruitment function to ensure that processes take account of diversity and inclusion.  Our offering also includes mentoring for inclusion to support your teams to better understand how to implement inclusive practices.

Contact us without delay to build a comprehensive strategy to grow your business with a focused, diversity and inclusion workforce planning strategy.

Get in touch today and let us help you develop the perfect strategy for your business!

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