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Embed Excellence

Embed Excellence

Into Inclusive Project Management Framework

All  Your Projects...

All Your Projects...

Should enable diversity and inclusion

Inclusive planning

Inclusive planning

Supports best in class, inclusive, project results

Project Consultancy

Project Consultancy

Supports proactive planning for diversity and inclusion

Deliver on Diversity

Deliver on Diversity

Delivering on the diversity and inclusion agenda

Project Management

We Support you to Manage your Projects Inclusively

Making sure that project managing is effective, and supports diversity and inclusion, enables managers to mindfully build equity into project planning and delivery. 


Ensuring that equity is integral to your projects is essential for embedding inclusion into the heart of your objectives and outcomes. 

VIDEO: We support You to Project Manage Diversity and Inclusion

Kenroi Consulting supports your managers to understand the when, where and how of inclusion, enabling them to make appropriate considerations at the right time.


Taking account of diversity and inclusion, and building it into project frameworks, allows clients to continuously embed inclusion into projects of work.

We support your business across the 5 stages of project management, helping you to build inclusive objectives across:

  • Conception and Initiation

  • Definition and Planning

  • Launch or Execution

  • Project Performance and Control

  • Project Close, review and reporting

Adding Value To Projects of Work

Whether your project has already begun or it is brand new, or is just in the initial planning stages, there is an opportunity to embed diversity and inclusion.

Our expert diversity and inclusion consultants help your project managers to embed diversity and inclusion into the framework of project development, ensuring that your business increases traction across the D&I agenda.


This supports active engagement with inclusive processes, helping you to increase outputs against your diversity and inclusion objectives.

We assist you to project manage initiatives to ensure that you succeed with diversity and inclusion objectives.


By supporting your project management activities, we enable you to achieve best in class outcomes.

Embedding diversity and inclusion into project management activities, helps to increase active engagement, and produces excellent results

Carmen Morris - Managing Director

We can work with your team on a wide range of projects across several industries, ensuring that you meet and exceed your objectives in this area.

Get in touch to learn more about this consulting service area.

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