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Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Service

Our diversity and inclusion advisory service is specifically designed to support clients to navigate workplace and business challenges.

We understand that sometimes businesses face challenges with developing diversity and inclusion to support their business development.

At Kenroi Consulting, we support you with expert advice and guidance in diversity and inclusion.  We help clients to understand the benefits of D&I, and assist leaders in making better decisions to build more effective leadership and create more inclusive organisations.

We provide training to support your work teams to better understand the ways in which D&I can enhance workplace, people development and business outcomes.

How the Advisory Service Works

Our diversity and inclusion advisory service works in 3 simple steps:

We agree a mutually convenient time to discuss  your chosen topic

We provide you with expert advice,  to overcome your business challenge

We provide you with alternative consulting services, upon request

Simply contact us to arrange a convenient time, and leave the rest to us.

We are able to deliver our advisory service to clients via telephone or Skype.

Quality Advice and Support

Our diversity consultants  provide advice and support  on developing best practice, inclusive approaches.   We help clients to make more inclusive decisions, to better embed D&I solutions. 

Our Advisory Service supports you to create, develop and protect the sustainable value within diversity and inclusion across your business. 

We deliver diversity consulting services, that can be can be delivered both onsite or remotely, dependant on your particular business requirements.


Holistic Client Experience

Our experts work across multi-disciplinary teams to deliver holistic approaches to develop, manage and deliver sustainable results in diversity and inclusion.

We advise you on the development of robust diversity policies, strategies and initiatives to support business and workplace deliverables.

Our advisory service supports your leaders to develop holistic thinking around the diversity and inclusion agenda.  We provide insights into best practice and help you to create initiatives to build working practice and develop innovation.


We help clients with the design of holistic inclusive experiences for employees clients and customers. 


We can support you to re-frame organisational culture, or manage corporate governance  through dynamic diversity and inclusion solutions.

Regardless of your current challenges, our diversity advisory service helps you to embed diversity and inclusion for better business results.  We deliver a range of training solutions to support your progress.

From optimising employee performance to restructuring operations and seizing new market opportunities, we help you to develop sustainable value, through diversity and inclusion.

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