Attracting Diversity

Attracting Diversity

Attracting diverse employees.

Kenroi Consulting

Kenroi Consulting

Building inclusive teams

Valuing Diversity

Valuing Diversity

Building diverse organisations.

Kenroi Consulting

Kenroi Consulting

Diversity workshops and seminars.

Learning Solutions

Learning Solutions

Supporting diversity and inclusion.

Kenroi Consulting

Kenroi Consulting

Building business with diversity.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!

Encouraging diversity at all levels.

Kenroi Consulting

Kenroi Consulting

Diversity consultancy across the UK.

Building Diversity - Promoting Inclusion

Building diversity and promoting inclusion is an important procedure of a well managed business.  It is a continuous activity and helps to promote a culture of excellence and positive brand association.

We support clients to embed diversity and inclusion across workplace, business and growth strategies, enabling added value across outcomes.


We help clients to reframe organisational culture, as a means of building diversity to increase growth and developmental potential.

Our video below looks at some of the ways we have helped our clients embed diversity and inclusive processes, into their business.

VIDEO: Kenroi Consulting - Why Diversity?

Diversity is increasingly being used as a key metric within some of the most successful businesses. Best practice in diversity and inclusion, is increasingly being used as a measure for attracting some of the best talent in the world.

Supporting Managers to Build Inclusion

We support your managers to understand the business case for diversity and develop ways in which you can reframe organisational culture, process and design to make positive impact on business outcomes.


By supporting you to implement a diversity change management programme, we help your business to initiate, develop and support, workplace inclusion. 

Reframing organisational culture to support D&I is a necessary step for building diversity and inclusive practice into business strategy.

Carmen Morris - Director.

  • Are you able to attract talent from a wide variety of cultural and socio-economic communities?

  • What measures do you put in place to ensure that recruitment practices are free from cultural and economic biases?

  • Are you knowledgeable of the ways in which D&I can support better business outcomes?

At Kenroi Consulting, we combine our knowledge and insights on how to develop your projects, processes and strategies by incorporating diversity.  


Our team has the knowledge, capabilities and experience to actually do it.

Incorporating Diversity into Policy and Practice

We are proud to help shape the ways in which companies structure and manages diversity within business functions and operations.  


If you are a global company, we can assist you remotely, or travel to your location, whichever you prefer, as we are a global diversity practice.

With years of experience in planning and delivering diversity projects, we're ready to take your business to the next level, with diversity.

In the current economic and political climate, diversity is a huge driver for business growth.  


Globally, diversity is a theme which is being embedded into business planning for future success.

Ask us about incorporating diversity into your service delivery and increasing client and customer outreach, with diversity and inclusion.

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