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a group of diverse employees sitting around a table


What are they and what do they mean to us.... and for your business?

At Kenroi Consulting, our values make us who we are and inform everything that we do.  We live and breathe diversity and inclusion, in all its forms.  Our value set is placed at the heart of our business.  


Our values dictate the ways in which we operate as a business, how we engage with our clients and how we operate towards one another.

Our values are that:

  • We respect and value the difference in each other and the clients that we work with.

  • We demonstrate integrity and respect in the work that we do.

  • We build our relationships on the service that we provide.

  • We work together as a team.

  • We encourage innovation.

Our values define WHO we are and HOW we work.  They are the key guiding principles of our business and an essential requirement to what we bring to your business, to help it grow with diversity.  


Our aim is focused toward delivering a range of quality, value added consulting services, which are trusted and respected by our clients.

In order that we deliver an effective diversity consultancy service, we ensure that our team is comprised of a wide range of backgrounds.  


We come from all walks of life and are able to bring to our consulting practice, knowledge gained from living diversity itself, as well as years within the advisory, management and practice areas of diversity.

Our values guide our business behaviours and drive our diversity consultancy practice.  They influence the ways in which we work with each other and the way we deliver our services to our clients.  


They guide us in our undertakings to provide a quality service to our clients, which will enhance the influence of diversity across organisations and businesses, to create a more open, ambitious and successful marketplace.


At Kenroi Consulting, we live our values through diversity.

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