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Race and Equality Consulting

Race is often one of the most difficult talking points when it comes to building an inclusive workplace. 


Leaders often find the complexities of the race agenda difficult to manage, and as a consequence it is often completely left out of, or marginalised within the inclusion agenda.

Building diversity and promoting inclusion is an important procedure of a well managed business.  It is a continuous activity and helps to promote a culture of excellence and positive brand association.

At Kenroi Consulting, we support all our clients to understand and engage with the race and equality agenda.  We support your business with tailored workshops, leadership support and mentoring programmes, to bring race back into the inclusion agenda.

Race IS important... Let's bring it back to the agenda!  It is time to have some authentic conversations and support companies to embed race into the inclusion agenda.


         Carmen Morris - Managing Director.

Diversity and inclusion is important to business.  This means that businesses should aim to have a broad a spectrum as possible of people from different backgrounds, including racial, within their workplace.

It also means that systems should be put in place to ensure that everyone, regardless of their racial background, is afforded an equal amount of support to be able to achieve the best that the business has to offer.


Increasingly, racial diversity is  being used as a key metric across workplace inclusion activity, with awards showcasing some of the most proactive companies.  Developing a racial diversity and inclusion metric helps to promote your business in many ways.  It showcases your business for: 

  • Its ability to attract and retain employees from a wide range of racial groups

  • Being reflective of the surrounding and wider communities

  • Its ability to engage with a wider range of customers and clients

  • Its knowledge and support for a wide range of specific cultural needs

Just think about it.... are you currently able to:


  • Attract talent from a wide variety of cultural and racial backgrounds to your business?

  • Support employees of different racial groups in a fair and equitable way?

Are you....

  • Benefiting from the different skills and viewpoint of different racial groups, when developing your products and services?

  • Knowledgeable of the ways in different perspectives can add immense value to your outcomes?

Supporting Your Race and Equality Agenda

We support your managers to understand the benefits of embedding race and equality into your inclusive agenda, by developing an enhanced understanding of the benefits of race and equality.


This includes having the difficult conversations that some leaders find uncomfortable. For example, one of the current conversations is around the progression of Black and Minority ethnic employees to leadership positions.  Watch our video to learn more:

We help you to develop and reframe organisational culture and support you with the development of comprehensive strategies to become more effective around race and equality in your business.

Incorporating 'Race' into the Inclusion Agenda

At Kenroi Consulting, we combine our knowledge, insights and expertise around diversity and inclusion to support your business to grow and become more inclusive by developing robust race and equality strategies.


We support you to harness the best from your business through equality, inclusion and effective marketing.  This helps you to develop traction around the race equality agenda and make your business more attractive and competitive.

Get in touch to learn how we can support you with your race equality agenda.

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