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Corporate Sector Diversity Solutions

We provide corporate sector businesses with strategic diversity consultancy to help grow their business. 


Our D&I services, support you to embed diversity, and inclusive practices, into all policies, functions and business procedures.​

We support board members with the development of corporate governance of diversity to ensure that the most critical activities are undertaken. 


We assist you to ensure that your business is engaged with issues of diversity and inclusion at the very top of your organisation.   


Our services are tailored to meet the requirements of your business, stakeholders and employees.

Developing Equity and Inclusion in Corporate Sectors

Importantly, we support corporate entities to develop and manage an inclusive leadership talent pipeline. 


Our consultants work with you to develop diversity and inclusion across the leadership talent pipeline.

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We help you to address imbalances in leadership teams to promote diversity and inclusivity.  Our solutions provide practical support for executives and leadership teams. 


We provide executive diversity coaching to individuals or groups to embed and promote inclusion as a crucial leadership skills.

Kenroi Consulting assists corporate organisations by getting to know the business, its aims and objectives around diversity and inclusion. 


Our consultancy partners with you to formulate the correct strategy to deliver diversity and promote inclusion across your business functions.

We can assist by:

  • Auditing for diversity and inclusion

  • Developing Corporate Governance

  • Building knowledge through training

  • Skills development programmes and coaching

  • Policy and procedure reviews

  • Benchmarking

  • Staff Surveying

  • Aligning diversity to strategic approach

We provide guidance and assistance to put the appropriate strategies in place, embedding diversity right across the business. 

Compliance with legal requirements is at the heart of what we do, but we encourage our clients to go further!


We provide support to engage with equity and inclusion across corporate and social responsibility agendas. 

Increasing Growth and Inclusion with Diversity

In today's globally sensitive and changing business environment, it is crucial to remain competitive and secure the very best talent. 


Diversity is increasingly being used as a benchmark through which to measure successful organisations. 

In order to remain focused on growth and success, in a modern marketplace,  the corporate / business community is increasingly adding diversity and inclusion to its strategic planning agenda and embedding diversity into key performance indicators.

Not only is this good for business profits, it also helps to secure the best talent from around the world and generate creativity across the business.  


We can support Board members, senior managers and leadership groups to promote diversity and secure buy in for diversity processes and initiatives.

" We assist you with planning and  managing a strategic approach to promote, and adding value, to your services by embedding equality, diversity and inclusion."

"Our services are built to fit your needs"


Carmen Morris - Managing Director

Consultancy, Training and Support

We provide a range of diversity consultancy and training services to develop practice and growth across the equality, diversity and inclusion space.


In addition, we support your  workplace wellbeing and resilience programs, helping you to support and engage the mental and physical health of your workforce in an inclusive way.

Our consultancy and support services are delivered across a wide range of industries within the business sector, delivering solutions that are tailor made for you.

Grow your business and your success rates by developing a corporate business strategy that will ensure compliance, get your business tender ready and increase your visibility in a global market.

To make an enquiry about our corporate sector services, send an email using the link below.

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