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Accessibility is important in all workplace environments. It is a huge part of ensuring that the needs of employees and customers, at all levels of physical and cognitive abilities, are able to access your systems and services, with ease.  

'Accessibility', allows all employees the same level of access and enables all users the opportunity to use your systems to perform their duties effectively.

Our team includes Disability and IT consultants who are qualified and experienced in increasing the accessibility of processes, systems and IT infrastructure.  

By enabling your systems to be accessible to all users, you are essentially allowing the effective promotion of your business, and engaging with customers and clients, in a user friendly way. 

smiling black man with a disability sitting in a wheelchair

Delivering your products and services in a way that is equitable for all website users, demonstrates an organisations responsibility in the area of disability and inclusion.

Disability Needs Assessment

Richard Shakespeare, is an expert diversity consultant who has years of experience in developing awareness and increasing knowledge around disability, access and inclusion.

Maurice Lalor, has worked extensively within industry to develop inclusive IT practice within systems and delivers accessibility consultancy for clients.

We can assess your organisational accessibility needs and provide tailor made solutions

Together, they work to support your disability and inclusion agenda, helping you to shape the promotion of disability inclusion. 

How We Enable Workplace Accessibility

We undertake an assessment of your particular IT systems, to understand the solutions that are applicable to your employee base. 

At the same time, we can speak with you about disability training with a focus on building awareness and competence around the disability inclusion agenda.

Our consultants, will take you through the legal requirements and accessibility guidelines, ensuring that your business both compliant and supportive of the needs of people with disabilities.

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