Kenroi Consulting

Kenroi Consulting

Diversity and Training Consultancy

Building Diversity

Building Diversity

We provide diversity solutions for your business.

Kenroi Consulting

Kenroi Consulting

We work across sectors to build inclusion.

Diversity Consulting

Diversity Consulting

Supporting and sustaining your diversity strategy.

Diversity Marketing

Diversity Marketing

Diversity builds creativity and new ideas.



Our solutions support your business goals.

Learning solutions

Learning solutions

We help organisations learn from each other.

Kenroi Consulting

Kenroi Consulting

We align diversity strategy with major industry sectors.

Grow your business

Grow your business

All sectors benefit from diversity.

Diversity Consulting

We offer a wide range of diversity consulting services. 

Kenroi Consulting is a professional diversity consulting business. Our services support clients to build strong leadership, work teams and business frameworks with diversity.


We offer an ' end to end' full service, tailored solution for our clients, to support effective diversity and inclusion within your business.


We support you to build structures that impact and influence the processes and procedures that drive your inclusive business practices.  Our diversity consultants operate across the UK, supporting SME and global companies.

VIDEO:  Our Diversity Consulting is authentic, realistic and purpose built to suit your needs.

Kenroi Consulting can help your business in with any area of diversity and inclusion.  Our support is aimed at developing diversity and enabling your organisation to increase inclusive practice. 


We support you through our diversity consulting services, embedding D&I through effective corporate governance of diversity, inclusive leadership, diversity management, training and strategic diversity planning.

How Does Consultancy Help?

We help leaders and managers to engage with diversity across business and people functions. 


By supporting you to build firm foundations around diversity, we enable you to:


  • increase profitability,

  • engage workforce to build cultural competence.

  • reduce any potential claims of discrimination 

  • reap the full benefits of diversity.  

Learn and grow with diversity!

We provide consultation across 5 main areas:

  • Diversity strategy

  • Policy 

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Learning and Development

  • Project Design and Implementation

"We support you to remove barriers to diversity and inclusion and help you manage processes

to integrate diversity"

Carmen Morris - Managing Director

  • Leadership development

  • Corporate Governance

  • Embed diversity across functions

  • Recruitment strategies​

  • Compliance

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Services

We deliver a range of diversity consulting solutions to help your business navigate the compliance and staff requirements of diversity.

These include:

We also provide a range of learning solutions for all levels of staff and business teams.

We assist your business with bespoke, diversity consulting support tailored to suit your particular requirements. 


We can work with your business on all aspects of diversity and inclusion and will tailor make a package to deliver solutions, for your most pressing concerns.

Our Diversity Consulting solutions are built to address your specific business needs.

Carmen Morris - Director

We only deliver consulting solutions that are tailored to a client's specific business needs.


We partner with you throughout the duration of your project, so that you can deliver quality outcomes, against your diversity deliverables.     

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