Diversity Training Courses and Workshops

We offer a wide range of D&I training courses and seminars to build diversity skill and knowledge across your staff teams.  Courses can be tailored for, and delivered to, all staff levels across your business.

By developing knowledge and practice around diversity, you are building sustainability into diversity and inclusion practices and processes, across your workforce. This will assist your staff teams in implementing best practice, and fostering good relations, between different cultural and social groups.

We partner with award-winning e-Learning developers to provide our clients and customers with best in class, innovative e-Learning around diversity and inclusion.  

This is an excellent cost effective way to deliver learning.  It is highly scalable, making it suitable for small local businesses, and large global clients, alike.

Onsite Value added Diversity Training and Workshops

At Kenroi Consulting, we believe that not only should training increase knowledge and skills, but be designed to increase motivation and engagement around subject matter.


Our approach is systematic.  We ensure that:


  • training interventions result in quality outcomes for each and every client. 

  • content and style of each of our D&I training solution is adapted to fit each individual organisation and its current concerns in the area of diversity and inclusion. 

  • training interventions result in quality outcomes


This means that not only is your training bespoke, but it also adapts itself to the style required and the level of motivation of delegates.


The result is training designed and delivered with content and style, adapted to fit your organisation which delivers real impact for your organisation. 

Building Diversity - Diversity Training Course - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
Diversity Business Case - Diversity Training Courses - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
Diversity in the Care Sector - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
Benchmarking Diversity - Diversity Training Course - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
Unconscious Bias Training - Diversity Training Course - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
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We can design a suite of training courses to meet your diversity needs.


If you require this service, tell us your requirements by clicking the button below

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Diversity in Recruitment
Diversity Training Course - Diversity in Recruitment - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
Diversity for HR Staff
Diversity for HR Staff - Diversity Training Course - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
D & I Senior Managers
Diversity Training Seminar for Senior Managers - Diversity Training - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
Board Member Diversity
Diversity Seminar for Board Members - Diversity Training Courses and Seminars - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
Supply Chain Diversity
Supply Chain Diversity - Diversity Training Courses - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
Bullying and Harassment
Bullying and Harassment - Diversity Training Course - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
Dignity and Respect
Dignity and Respect Diversity Training Course - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
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If you require any of these training options, contact us to discuss your requirements today

 ' We design and deliver engaging and innovative D&I solutions '
Equality Act 2010
Diversity Awareness
Accessibility in Technology
Gender Equality
Human Rights and Diversity
Disability Awareness
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We will tailor make any of the training options listed to suit your specific requirements.

We can deliver a suite of training to fulfil your requirements at all levels.

Need bespoke training  courses or workshops ?  NO problem!


Contact us to discuss your training needs today!

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