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Manchester Attack - As hate crime increases what do businesses need to do?

Updated: May 12, 2023

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Incidents of Hate Crime Have Increased since the Attacks

One week on from the appalling terrorist attack in Manchester, we still cannot comprehend how this level of mindless violence and hate can be inflicted upon young people, simply enjoying a night out at a pop concert.

Diversity and inclusion faces a challenge within our society. As the City of Manchester and indeed the whole country continues to mourn the loss of so many due to this sickening attack, is there anything that businesses need to do to ensure that this level of hate does not infiltrate our workplaces?

The BBC has reported that hate crimes have doubled across the Greater Manchester region in the week since the attack. There is no, and will never be, an excuse for the actions of the bomber, and those who supported and continue to support terrorism.

Similarly, there can never ever be any justification for hate crime perpetuated against someone else, simply because they are a member of the same national, cultural or religious group, as the terrorist.

Businesses must ensure that hate is not allowed to fester within their organisations. CEO's, Managers, Team leaders and others with responsibility for staff, must ensure that a clear message is sent to staff regarding diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

It may be appropriate to hold diversity seminars or training to ensure that staff are engaged with the message of tolerance and inclusion.


Whilst it is true that employees of a business come from different a particular social class, educational background, ethnicity, gender, religious background, colour etc, it is also true that no business gauge the reaction of staff, to these terrorist incidents.

We will never be privy to the feelings of any individual within the workplace or society. Having said that, is there anything that a business must do to ensure that they have done all that they can to prevent hate crime, bullying and harassment to disengage teams from the work at hand?

Bullying and Harassment training and training on hate crime, can help your business to engage your staff through learning.

Unconscious Bias training will enable staff members and teams to manage their reactions to incidents in the wider world and enable them to look at positive ways of fostering positive relationships within the workplace, with customers and clients.

In these times of uncertainty, there may be a tendency for individuals to look to blame other individuals for the actions, simply because they belong to a particular group.

Let it be said that all Muslims are not terrorists and all terrorists are not Muslim. It could not be that if a group of individuals engage in an act, claiming that it is faith driven, then all members of that faith deserve to be reviled.

The acts committed by a small group of Muslims worldwide, cannot be allowed to generate hate for members of the religion.

HR functions have a duty to ensure that the message of tolerance is embedded across organisational policies, learning and development etc.

Hate crime within any organisation can lead to a business being found to be vicariously liable for the actions of a staff member or members.

An understanding of religion and culture helps to harmonise communities

Whilst it is true that the majority of the UK is sickened and appalled by these incidents, it is also true that we cannot allow incidents of hate crime to be unchallenged within our workplaces and within society.

The police services across the UK and internationally continue to work around the clock to locate and capture members of terrorists groups. They continue to liaise with all manner of organisations to this end.

Our view, for what it is worth, is that we should support our police and counter terrorism services in doing this, and challenge hate crime wherever, it rears its ugly head.

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