Diversity is Not a Numbers Game

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Some people think diversity is all about numbers... all about getting a certain number of people on board, from different, usually visibly diverse communities.

Diversity is not a game of numbers...Its about quality.

Yes... it does happen and there is no denying this fact. This post will discuss the reason why diversity is not a numbers game.

We will examine how, when diversity and inclusion is implemented through a well defined strategy, it adds value to an organisation.

We will explain how diversity and inclusion strengthens workplace culture and increases business performance.

Embedding diversity

A well-designed strategy for embedding diversity and inclusion across an organisation, will help to promote diversity as an active component of the business and workforce quality agenda.

It will enables an organisation to create an optimum workplace environment for their staff teams, and in turn, increases the amount of quality outcomes the business is able to achieve.

Diversity is more than numbers

Embedding diversity is not about the numbers of visibly diverse staff on board…. It’s about selecting the right people, from all backgrounds.

A modern, progressive organisation, will be a learning organisation. Diversity and inclusion is a business benefit that is driven from the very top.

Management functions should seek to learn about different cultures, backgrounds and experiences and use this knowledge to design and develop effective strategies to build its staff teams, products and services.

By shaping the business in a way that embeds and promotes diversity, there is an increased likelihood that it will appeal to a wider range of recruits and customers.

It will also of importance in building an inclusive brand image. This is of critical importance in a globalised marketplace, where brand image really matters.

The image of a business has implications for staffing, as well as commercial success. Again, this relates to the processes within the business and workplace culture, as well as product and service development.

Diversity is about understanding

Diversity is about the inclusion of people with different, relevant skills at all levels of the business.... including the boardroom.

People from a range of backgrounds bring different ideas and creativity that can drive innovation across a business.

Sourcing and including suitably qualified and experienced staff and recruiting board members from a range of different backgrounds, is important to the development strategy of an organisation.

It helps to develop creative thinking and will enhance critical decision making, which matters to the business.

Inclusive board membership adds credibility

People from different backgrounds, can make important contributions, that help to engage staff and customers.

A diverse boardroom, comprising people with relevant skills, experience makes a huge difference in helping to shape your business and makes for modern, successful brand imagery.

This is crucially important in the age of social media, where searches online, can reveal much about your company and attitudes towards diversity and inclusion. A talented and diverse board membership adds credibility to a business.

Gender imbalance continues to be an issue in boardrooms

Female Board members can add valuable experience and insights across all sectors and industries.

Boardroom diversity, with respect to gender diversity, and more generally, the gender pay gap, continues to be an area of imbalance across all sectors.