5 Key Steps to Enhancing Diversity in Recruitment

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Increased workplace diversity improves staff morale, creativity and innovation.

It increases employee satisfaction and delivers improvements across key outputs and performance indicators across the business.

Research has shown that improving diversity has a marked effect on a business brand, showing that customers want to buy from diverse and inclusive businesses.

Embedding diversity into recruitment is a key step to increasing diversity and developing inclusion

It is important to embed diversity into recruitment processes.

Many companies have made efforts to improve their recruitment processes, to boost workplace diversity and increase employee satisfaction.

However, many have found it a challenging process, not least in finding ways to build a diverse candidate pool.

HR and Recruiting Managers can become frustrated when, for all their efforts, those applying for positions are from the same cultural and social backgrounds as the current workforce.

This article looks at this in more detail and makes suggestions on 5 ways to build diversity into your recruitment process.

1. Goal Setting

Recruiting to increase diversity starts with a holistic analysis of your organisations current demographics. It includes a baseline measure that assesses the policies, practices and benefits that are available to employees. It measures process functionality.

Understanding the baseline measure of your process, will help you to set specific and measurable goals, which can be modified over tome as you increase diversity.

This allows a recruitment manager to measure efforts and achievements, over time, and analyse the journey towards inclusive recruitment.

Goal setting is the start of developing a successful diversity recruitment strategy

Recruiting in the same way as has been done previously will not increase diversity. Simply advertising on diversity job boards will not increase diversity.

The process of recruiting diversely cannot be achieved by doing things as ‘they have always been done before.’

A genuine commitment to build a diverse workforce and embed inclusion is the start of the process.

There has to be a clear understanding of the goals the organisation wants to achieve. Effective recruitment planning must be about more than meeting and exceeding self-imposed quotas. This serves only to increase visible diversity across the organisation.

Diversity recruitment is about developing