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The time for Diversity and Inclusion is NOW.

Updated: May 12, 2023

There can be no doubt that we are living in a changing world, one in which ideologies that are opposed to love, community and engagement are strengthening across the world.

Yet again, our television and radio channels are filled with news of a terrorist incident, this time in London Bridge and at Borough Market.

It is increasingly evident that diversity and inclusion strategies across society must seek to engage people of all colours and faiths, in order to raise understanding and generate ways of working together to build a cohesive society.

No matter who you are, your class, colour, disability or ability or religion, there is a better way and it starts with building understanding and training.

People of all cultures and faiths add value to society.

Let there be no misunderstanding.... these acts of terror are based on the ideology of a small section of society, who are focused on engaging in acts that seek to minimise diversity in society. What does wider society have to do in order to counter this?

Is there a way that diversity training, which seeks to engage people with an understanding of inclusion can help?

Is there a way that diversity can become a main focus of human interactions, that will help to counter the ideologies of these young people, in a way that will better engage them with society and help them to understand that they are a part of THIS society?

The sickening acts of terrorism, that were unleashed at London Bridge last night are the latest in a string of attacks which have occurred within the last months. The Manchester attacks and the appalling attack at Westminster Bridge, have all happened within the last month.

We must focus on both Diversity and Inclusion

It is imperative that all of society, including business, do their part in engagement activities, to help towards making society a better place to live.

We all seek to live and enjoy the benefits of life, and to build a world in which our children and grandchildren can live in a safe and secure world.

It is our responsibility to ACT now and build a better future for them.

The time for Diversity and Inclusion is NOW.

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