Creating an inclusive workplace -Managing diversity as a key theme for business development.

Updated: May 6, 2020

The management of diversity is a key theme across the diversity and inclusion framework. It supports businesses, both within the public and private sector, to ensure that a strategic approach is taken to embedding diversity.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, diversity management ensures that an authentic focus is placed on achieving inclusiveness across the business.

This will serve the business in terms of being better able to engage with staff and customers from a range of communities, and ensure that products and services are tailored to needs.

Understanding the benefits of embedding diversity across business functions is key to establishing a diversity management process.

Learning and Development is key to diversity management.

Learning about diversity and inclusion is fundamental to establishing a strong program of diversity management.

Diversity management will also benefit the business by tailoring a strategic approach to drive product and service design through the utilisation of a range of ideas, from a wide range of people.

Developing an understanding that people from different backgrounds are the driving force of creativity and innovation within any industry, will help a business to nurture talent and design and develop distinctive client service.

The ability to build and maintain strong relationships with a wide range of clients and service users, is central to brand proposition.

Having a commitment to nurture and foster an environment that is engaging and supportive of people from all backgrounds, will create opportunities for attracting the very best in talent, from the widest talent pools.

Diversity and inclusion, and consequently diversity management, must start at the top of the organisation. This is the place where employees of the business will take their cue.

Diversity management must be central to Board level discussions.

Any approach to diversity and inclusion must be built on the willingness to manage diversity, through a system of embedding and monitoring diversity activities.

This will ensure that the viewpoints of staff members are taken into account. This will help to build a cohesive environment and one in which all staff feel valued.

From diversity learning and development to service development and staff engagement, diversity management has a place.

Any business that is interested in attracting the very best in talent and operating at increased profit levels, should consider the benefits of this important tool across their core processes.

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