We are a team of consultants and associates, specializing in all aspects of diversity.

We are experienced in a wide range of sectors including:

  • Public Sector

  • Construction and Engineering

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Logistics /  Supply Chain

  • SME's

  • New Start Ups.

Kenroi Consulting Ltd

We grow your organisation with diversity.

Delivering Diversity Solutions

Our work is to help you address diversity issues across your organisation.  

  • Public Sector

  • Oil and Gas

  • Construction

  • Social Care

  • Education

  • Sports

  • IT and Technology

  • Logistics and Supply Chain

  • Healthcare

  • Corporate

  • Retail 

  • Manufacturing

  • National or Global


We can help you design and deliver the diversity strategy appropriate for your business and your sector. 

strategic DIVERSITY planning

Strategic planning is crucial in any business.  We will help you understand how planning for diversity will help you achieve better results in all aspects of your business.

We will help your business plan for diversity, whatever your industry, and ensure that you are compliant and engage in activities to grow both your staff and you business.

We help you plan for the future by making sure that diversity is an integral part of your operations and ensure that mechanisms for measurement and auditing are built into your processes.

DIVERSITY performance improvement

In a world of intense competition, businesses must ensure that prioritize staff training to remain at the leading edge of tough markets.  Diversity and Inclusion is crucial in order to attract and retain the best talent and to to increase your market share of customers.


We will help you to benchmark your business against the best in your industry to help you build and grow through best practice alignment.


By developing a strategic performance improvement practice, your business will embed diversity, recruit the very best and become more attractive to a wider range of customers 

diversity Consulting SERVICES

We offer consultancy across a wide range of sectors and industries..  We can provide consultancy specific to your sector in the following areas:

  • Healthcare

  • Corporate Sector

  • Construction Industry

  • Social Care

  • Education

  • Eecruitment

  • Logistics / Supply Chain

  • Civil Engineering

  • Information Technology

  • Retail

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Manufacturing

  • Sports and Recreation

  • Community

                                  We operate across a wide range of sectors

Public Sector
Construction Industry - Kenroi Consulting
Social Care sector diversity - Kenroi Consulting can assist your social care service with building diversity into your service provision.
Education Sector
Healthcare Sector
Corporate Sector
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Our solutions are tailored to your specific sector needs.

Logistics - Diversity in Logistics and Supply Chain - Kenroi Consulting can help you build diversity into your supply chain mechanisms for a more efficient service.
Retail sector - Diversity Management. Kenroi Consulting can assist you across your operations in the areas of training, recruitment and branding and much more.
Kenroi Consulting can help with diverse recruitment initiatives
Diversity in Civil Engineering -Kenroi Consulting helps with building diversity in Civil Engineering Sector projects. We will ensure that your business is compliant and you are engaging workers, suppliers and contractors from a wide range of communities.
Oil and Gas Sector diversity is important to driving productivity and sales. Kenroi Consulting can work with companies in this sector to bring the benefits of diversity to your operations.
Diversity solutions for community sector - Kenroi Consulting can help you engage with people from a wide range of backgrounds to ensure that everyone in your community is engaged and included, across your services.
Diversity in Manufacturing Sector - Kenroi Consulting can assist your business with consulting and training to engage workers and develop diversity across the manufacturing process.
Kenroi Consulting can assist you in making your team grow with diversity. From planning events to develop relationships and learning to assisting with compliance and sports industry benchmarks, we have the experience to drive your team forward with Diversity.
Diversity in Tech Sector - Kenroi Consulting works with companies across the IT and Technology sector to ensure that inclusion is a part of technological development. From accessiblity and complaince, to training and development, Kenroi Consulting can help you develop products and servies that benefit all users of technology.
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                          We deliver a range of innovative diversity solutions

Diversity Consulting Services - Kenroi Consulting delivers innovative diversity solutions across a wide range of sectors.
Outsourcing Services
Learning and in all aspects of Diversity is a core service of Kenroi Consulting.
Strategic Diversity Planning
Diversity Consulting Services
Diversity Benchmarking
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Our consultants are ready to help you build diversity with a range of design and delivery services

Policies and Procedures
We can produce Diversity Policies and Procedures to support diversity in your organisation.
Diversity Improvement Service
Diversity Improvement Service - Kenroi Consulting.
Diversity Auditing Service
Diversity Auditing Service - Kenroi Consulting.
Corporate Away Day Training
Corporate Away Day Training - build to your specifications - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
Equality Impact Assessing
Equality Impact Assessing - Kenroi Consulting Ltd
Cultural Competency Training
Cultural Competency Training
Diversity Compliance
Diversity Compliance Service - Kenroi Consulting.
Team building
We can build your teams around Diversity and Inclusion practice.
Bid / Tender Preparation
Diversity Bid and Tender Preparation - Kenroi Consulting.
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What our clients say

I didn't realize it could be this simple!  Kenroi Consulting made our challenges around diversity easy to manage and now we have a promising forward strategy in place. Thank you to all the team.

Managing Director

Manchester, UK

The training delivery was just what we wanted.  Fun and informative.  The trainers really know how to impart knowledge around an unpopular subject.  Many thanks.

Learning and Development Manager

Northumbria, Public Sector Organisation, UK

Kenroi Consulting made the Equality Impact Assessment process easy to understand.  The team now have the skills we need to undertake this important aspect of diversity.  We are following up with a seminar!

HR Manager

East London, UK

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